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A private housekeeper surrey is one of the most sought after professionals in the domestic sector. The modern way of life does not give us enough time to run a household the way that we would like. However, we are very lucky in the fact that we can turn to a housekeeper agency Surrey such as Perfect Household Staff who will offer us a selection of the best housekeepers to solve our domestic time management problems.

Large properties and luxury apartments have a huge amount of appliances, marble, wooden floors, upholstery, carpets, windows, mirrors which require a systematic approach from a professional private housekeeper Surrey. After all, don't you want to spend every day in a clean, comfortable and beautiful house and devote your free time to something more meaningful than household chores? Our housekeeper agency Surrey will offer you a private Housekeeper - a conscientious and experienced professional of the highest level. A private housekeeper Surrey does not only clean the house, launders and irons clothes, but also makes a house feel like a home and can pay the bills, do the shopping, prepare fantastic meals, run errands and look after pets.

If you want your home to be cosy and clean, then you definitely need to find a housekeeper Surrey and hire a housekeeper Surrey with the help of our housekeeper agency Surrey! Our international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" are specialist in the selection of private housekeepers Surrey and will go above and beyond to find a housekeeper Surrey, who respects and is passionate about their profession.

Our housekeeper agency Surrey is a professional, established business with a large, in-house database of specialists for all possible needs, guaranteeing the quality of our private housekeeper services Surrey to our families. With over 15,000 private domestic staff registered and over 15 years in the business, our specialist Surrey housekeeper recruitment team have the knowledge and expertise to match you with the right Surrey housekeeper for your family.

The Surrey housekeeper recruitment team are real masters of their craft, as a housekeeper agency Surrey, our recruitment team has over 100 years service experience. The entire Surrey housekeeper recruitment process can take as little several days but you can rest assured that you will have a selection of professional housekeeper CVs within 24 hours of a vacancy being published. We can help you to hire a housekeeper Surrey based on your specific needs a requirements. We base the Surrey housekeeper search on personality, experience and skills criteria which you set.

Our housekeeper agency Surrey will find a housekeeper Surrey who has at least 3 years private housekeeping experiences as well as written and verbally checkable references. The Surrey housekeeper will have clear instructions on the “rules of working in a family”: they understand their routine, etiquette and values the relationship between the employee and the employer. Our professional private housekeepers observe subordination, the agency's values and standards. Our housekeeper agency Surrey guarantee complete confidentiality throughout the entire recruitment process . By trusting your housekeeper search Surrey to our agency, we guarantee not only professionalism in service and a selection of the best private housekeepers available, but also a free replacement for a period of 12 weeks or a rebate of the fees.

We can help you find a housekeeper Surrey in the following positions:

  • Full Time Housekeeper Surrey
  • Part Time Housekeeper Surrey
  • Live in Housekeeper Surrey
  • Temporary Housekeeper Surrey

A housekeeper search Surrey does not have to be a long and laborious process, if you choose our housekeeper agency Surrey, we will go above and beyond to ensure that you enjoy a seamless and exciting experience of hiring the perfect housekeeper.

Key responsibilities of a housekeeper:

  • Regular, general or occasional home cleaning;
  • Wardrobe management, care of clothes, shoes, packing and unpacking suitcases
  • Washing and ironing;
  • Animal and plant care;
  • Knowledge in the cleaning and maintenance of luxury household appliances
  • Payment of bills, shopping
  • Etc…

All that we need from you is a clear understanding of your requirements to form a comprehensive job description. Our housekeeper agency Surrey will need a list of duties and housekeeper services that you will expect the housekeeper to perform. We will need to know the working days, hours and a salary bracket. The more detailed a job description is, the more likely we are to find a housekeeper Surrey that you will want to employ and who will want to stay with your family long term.

How does a housekeeper agency Surrey conduct Surrey housekeeper recruitment?

All housekeepers who find employment through our agency go through a rigorous selection process. Before our recruitment team offer you an applicants CV, our housekeeper agency Surrey will interview them personally and carefully study their documents. We focus on a housekeepers skills and knowledge, their work experience and recommendations. In addition, each housekeeper Surrey is checked for a criminal record or administrative offences.

Surrey Housekeeper Recruitment will be handled by professional recruitment consultants who will find a housekeeper Surrey best suited to your individual and family requirements. Throughout the housekeeper search Surrey, we are committed to providing a high quality service. We guarantee the quality and professionalism provided by our housekeeper services Surrey!

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