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Yacht engineers are responsible for all electronic, mechanical, computer and plumbing systems on board the yacht.

Yacht Engineers Will Make Sure Your Yacht Runs Smoothly

An outline of the role and the skills and duties involved can be found below.

  • An engineer will have a good knowledge of engineering and outboard motors as well as have electrical and plumbing skills too.
  • Your engineer will make sure that your yacht is safe and in good running order at all times.
  • Duties include everything from changing the oil and filter to completely rebuilding the engine when necessary.
  • While your yacht engineer will diligently and efficiently carry out all these dirty jobs, he will still look clean and presentable at all times for your family.
  • You have many options when hiring a yacht engineer and we will work to meet your exact requirements.
  • You could choose to hire an entry level engineer, who will have basic engineering, diesel and motors knowledge as well as knowing how to deal with refrigeration and AC and trouble shoot when required.
  • You can also hire a chief yacht engineer who has all of the previously mentioned skills at a very advanced level as well as being able to deal with hydraulics, wiring, sanitation and inventory control.
  • The engineer will also have all the appropriate certificates and licenses and have the management skills needed to instruct others in the engine room.
  • Depending on the size of your yacht, you may need more than one member of staff and we will carefully assess your situation to choose the right member of staff or team for you.

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