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New Domestic Couples Vacancies. For an effective search for Domestic Couples Jobs, contact Perfect Household Staff recruitment agency, tel: +44(0)204 577 0066. Find Domestic Couples Jobs today!

Find a Domestic Couples Job through an agency.

From 2008, our international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff has been one of the most reliable partners in the global market for top-level domestic recruitment services. The agency was founded by market professionals involved in the development of the domestic recruitment market around the world. Now many professional domestic couples turn to PHS to find a domestic couples job in the UK and internationally.

Perfect Household Staff today is a household name for professional couples trying to find a domestic couples job. We guarantee successful employment and a professional approach when offering domestic couples vacancies to our professional domestic couples.

We are proud of our efficient, professional and reliable recruitment team. Our recruitment managers have been working in domestic recruitment for over 15 years and find domestic couples jobs for candidates all over the world on a daily basis.

If you are a dedicated professional couple looking for a domestic couple job with good working conditions and excellent working schedule, then Perfect Household Staff offer you our services to find domestic couples vacancies suited to your individual needs, experience and expertise. Recruitment services for domestic couples jobs in the UK are absolutely free. In fact, our domestic staffing agency has never charged a candidate for any service.

Domestic couples vacancies are rarely published by the family directly. If you want to find domestic couples jobs, it is always best to register with a professional, reputable agency.

Following Domestic Couples Jobs Application:

Interaction and feedback with you as candidates for domestic couples jobs is very important to us - we want to make sure that the new domestic couples jobs are of interest to you. Therefore, we diligently and thoroughly work with all of our candidates: we agree on your expectations regarding domestic couples jobs, your ambitions and plans for the future, we will stay in touch and frequently recommend new domestic couples vacancies suited to you.

The Perfect Household Staff recruitment team works diligently with those candidates who are actively responding to new domestic couples vacancies and with those who are simply considering a new domestic couples job opportunities.

Far from all of our domestic couples vacancies are open and posted on our site. So - if you have significant experience in the domestic couples jobs and have become prominent experts in your industry, and now you feel it is time for a change - please send us your CV for domestic couples jobs as well as a cover letter. It may turn out that our recruitment team will offer you the domestic couples job that you have been waiting for.

Please note, Perfect Household Staff keep all your information completely confidential and will never submit your CV to a potential employer without your express permission.

What skills and knowledge are required for the Domestic Couples Job?

  • More than 3 years experience in domestic couples jobs;
  • Availability of recommendations from previous placements in domestic couples jobs;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of identity;
  • DBS or willingness to apply.

A domestic couples vacancy is a convenient option to "work from home" which requires a wide range of professional domestic skills. In a domestic couples job, you must have the knowledge and skills necessary to keep the principals property in top condition at all times and ready for the arrival of the owners. The residence, its' surrounding area and related buildings (garage, gym, swimming pool, greenhouse) must always be ready for use. Professional domestic couples ensure that they make the principals residence feel like a home and understand the nitty gritty aspects and solutions which may arise in domestic couples jobs.

Even if you have an impeccable reputation, positive references and references from a previous domestic couple job, a lot of positive practice, etc., this is not enough to get a good domestic couples vacancy! Your prospective employer must verify your professionalism, skills and personal qualities before hiring you for the domestic couples job through your successful completion of a probation period.

Our clients are very influential people, and they do not advertise their vacancies on the internet. They turn to us, fully relying on our professionalism. Therefore, if you are really looking for a good and stable domestic couples job, fill out the domestic couples vacancies application form and we will help you find the domestic couples job that you are looking for.

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