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Where to find Private Jobs?

Our domestic recruitment agency are continuously recruiting professional domestic staff for over 15 years. We help our candidates to find private jobs in London and internationally whilst supporting them throughout and beyond their private job search.

Due to domestic jobs being highly competitive, candidates can no longer solely rely on their experience. The chances of securing employment within a private family can be down to the candidates' personality and their demeanour which is why Perfect Household Staff ensure to match our job seekers to their new employer not only based on their professional merit but also their personality.

Other than on our domestic jobs board, we regularly use recruitment platforms to market our private jobs such as Indeed or LinkedIn and Gumtree as well as using our social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are not the only domestic staffing agency and therefore it is best to maximise your chances of finding a private job by joining as many professional agencies as possible and by applying for the domestic jobs available. 

We encourage candidates who work in the domestic industry to apply for as many jobs as possible and to ensure that we are made aware of any aspects of a private job which they are uncomfortable with as it will help us find the perfect position for them, ensuring long term employment.

How to secure employment in the Private Domestic Industry?

Domestic careers often start in the hospitality and catering sector with many professionals securing private jobs due to their knowledge and experience gained through working in elite hotels and wold renowned restaurants.

Many people consider the hospitality and catering sectors are very similar to being employed in the private domestic industry, and they are correct. However, there are fine intricacies such as traditions, etiquette and the quality of service which employees develop to understand only following employment within a private household.

Perfect Household Staff will only accept a certain calibre of candidates to register with the agency and you will be able to find the minimum requirements we expect from domestic staff here.

If candidates do not have the experience required to register with a domestic recruitment agency, they will normally have to find the private jobs advertised on the internet, social media or special publications such as the lady magazine where they can gain the experience prior to registration.

To register with Perfect Household Staff and join the domestic industry, you will need to fill out our candidate registration from and attend an interview prior to applying for the private jobs which we have available, providing that you meet the minimal requirements.

What are the benefits of domestic careers?

The majority of private jobs offer an excellent pay package which is usually much better than what is offered if you were employed by an organisation.

Some domestic jobs require employees to travel frequently, allowing you to visit beautiful parts of the world and be paid extra for the inconvenience of travel.

You will have a significant amount of flexibility in an informal role and your working day will never be boring.

What is the difference between a formal and informal household?

Other than having to wear a uniform and the amount of staff employed by a family, the differences between a formal and informal household are substantial. Every formal household is run slightly differently from the next but employees are usually brought up to speed by the house manager where etiquette and procedures are concerned.

In an informal household, the employee does not have to wear a uniform and the way that they are expected to conduct themselves is usually much more relaxed.

You will be able to take a look at the video here where Emma Jacobs of the Financial Times explores at how the domestic professionals support the principals in the private domestic industry.

To find out more about how we can help you to find the perfect household staff job, please contact Perfect Household Staff by clicking here to email or phoning: +44(0)203 318 4468. Alternatively please register with us by clicking  the button below.

Candidate Registration


Candidate Registration

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