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Perfect Household Staff are an international recruitment agency who specialise in household management and domestic recruitment. The agency has been trading for over 15 years and is a trusted and respected source of private household staff. The domestic recruitment team search for candidates with a high level of experience, professionalism, attitude and personality to match your requirements and fill your vacancy.

Healthy eating would be a lot easier if someone would clean out the refrigerator, get rid of the junk, and stock the shelves with nutritious choices. Our professionals can take care of that.

If you already have a shopping list that you are used to, our Residence Management Team will do the job of stocking your refrigerator with your regular favorites.

The team of professionals will call in advance and make enquiries regarding the availability of certain products. We will prepare travel arrangements in order to pick up any specialist products or arrange orders for delivery.

Our team will meet the delivery and check sell by dates, we will stock/organise the fridge and cupboards to your specific requirements. All items will be checked thoroughly for damages and returned if not to satisfaction.

Our professionals will have lists prepared for the pantry, fridge and if required wine cellar. All items will be accounted for inclusive of toilet paper, cleaning products and condiments.

We are very happy to offer you the services of our exclusive HEALTH & NUTRITION ADVISOR.

(BS Nutrition Science/Health & Wellness. Certified Holistic Health Counsellor)

Previously worked around the World with Royal, Middle Eastern, European and British Individuals and Families.

Highly experienced and discreet, sought after professional.

Duties include:

  • Selecting and stocking nutrient dense foods for the whole family.
  • Selecting foods for dietary/health requirements.
  • Organic product shopping (self-care, hygiene & home).
  • Kitchen cupboard & pantry makeover.
  • Liaison with house managers and/or staff.
  • Health assessment and diet review.
  • Whole family health counselling.
  • Individual’s health counselling.
  • Wellness Events.

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