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PHS Domestic Staff Holiday Entitlement Calculator UK

Private Domestic Staff are entitled to the same legal holiday entitlement as any other professional employee. It is the employers responsibility to notify their employee of the holiday entitlement and to include it within the contract of employment whilst also administering holiday pay.

Our employers and domestic staff can use the PHS Domestic Staff Holiday Calculator to work out the days and hours of holiday entitlement based on the working week. 

If working the same amount of hours each shift, when using the Domestic Staff Holiday Calculator to generate the correct holiday entitlement, please use the "holiday entitlement in days" option. If working a set number of hours per week but the hours each day differ, please select the "holiday entitlement in hours" option. 

How to Work Our Domestic Staff Holiday Allowance?

When working out domestic staff holiday entitlement for a nanny, a housekeeper or any other domestic staff an employer must consider the following:

  • Amount of days or hours that the employee has worked
  • The statutory holiday entitlement
  • Amount of bank holidays (usually 8 in the UK)
For example, if an employee works 5 days / week, we would take the 5 (days) and multiply them by 5.6 (holiday entitlement) which would give us 28 days holiday. 28 days holiday - 8 days bank holidays would give us a total of 20 days. If we divide this figure by 12 (months), it will give us the amount of holiday days an employee will acquire following a month of employment.
If an employee works for 3 days / week, we would carry out the same process as above and the amount of holiday days they would acquire during the year would be 16.8 days including the bank holidays.

Entitlement For Full-Time Employees

Based on the UK employment law, a full-time employee is entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid leave per annum. Employers can choose to offer more than the legal minimum if they wish. Please see the link to the website here.

UK Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays do not have to be taken by the employee and can be taken at another time, providing an agreement has been reached between the employee and the employer. If a member of domestic staff choose take off a Bank Holiday Day, the "day off" will be deducted from their holiday entitlement. Bank Holidays are included within the 28 days holiday entitlement.

Usually when domestic employees are requested to work during bank holidays, they will be paid a bonus for working during that day. This is especially relevant when considering days such as New Year, Easter, Boxing and Christmas days. 

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