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Where can I find part time private chef jobs?

Part time chef jobs can be found using word of mouth, private recruitment agencies and private recruiters. Social media is also a great assistant in finding your next job.

Other than the above listed ways, the majority of private chef jobs can be found using large recruitment platforms. Our candidates are advised to search for professional private recruitment agencies and keep up to date on various job boards such as: Indeed or LinkedIn and Gumtree as well as using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We have various chef vacancies on our chefs jobs board and of course, our home chef service.

How to secure a part time private chef job?

Please ensure that your CV is up to date and contains all job relevant information including precious employment and education which will improve your chances of success.

Our agencies minimal requirements for application are placed at the top of the registration page. It is important that you apply for part time chef jobs which suit your professional experience and are supported by your references. We strongly recommend that you spend some time tweaking your CV to match the part time chef job and not simply email in a generic version.

We always welcome chefs to attach a portfolio document which will contain some photographs and menu plans from previous roles.

What happens during the interview stage?

We will coordinate a face to face interview with you at a time convenient for you at one of our London offices or online. The interviews will usually take around 30 minutes.

Our recruiters will ask you to talk about your specialist skills, your educational background and your passion about food. We love to hear about your experiences and what yоu have taken away from working in restaurants and private properties.

If the pert time chef job requires a certain cuisine, it is important to structure the interview in a way that shows us your wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you have worked abroad, on a private yacht, plain or served in a distinguished family, it is important for us to know.

Talking about a negative experiences during the interview.

We have a wealth of experience working with our clients and there is probably very little that you can tell us which will be surprising. We know that part time chef jobs can be demanding.

Whether it is cooking for someone who you have never cooked before, the travel aspect or a very demanding client, we need to know if you have been in these situations and that we can rely on you in challenging situations. If you think about it, there is always a way to turn a negative in to a positive.

Employers hate last minute changes. Any questions which you have about a part time chef job must be asked during the interview and before your CV is submitted to the client. When applying for part time chef jobs, what the employer and the agency will be concerned about is what will happen if you are offered a full time job somewhere else. Will you leave immediately or will you give in your formal notice?

Some candidates change their mind at the last minute which puts both the employer and the agency in a difficult situation. Changing your mind at the last minute will never be looked at in a positive way and therefore it is paramount that candidates find out all the information that they can before the agency submits their CV.

When do part time private chef jobs become available?

The majority of part time chef jobs become available due to the employers not having enough time to cook for themselves due to a busy lifestyle. Families who entertain often also often request part time help.

Our home chef service offers temp chef jobs when clients choose a recurring package. These jobs occasionally become permanent or long term.

Why chose a private part time chef job?

Part time chef jobs definitely allow the chef flexibility. Instead of searching for new opportunities the chef will be able to focus on the job at hand and have a better understanding of the employers requirements as apposed to a temp job.

Some part time chef vacancies allow for the chef to prepare the meals out of the employers property and deliver it when required.

The majority of part time chef vacancies will have one place of work and travelling will be easy enough to plan.

Benefits of private part time chef jobs:

As in any job, there are benefits and disadvantages in a private part time chef job. Below you can see some of the advantages to working in a private chef, part time role:

  • Structured Working Day
  • Flexibility of a Contract of Employment or being Self Employed
  • Annual Holiday Allowance
  • Private Chef Experience
  • Job Security
  • Personal Time for Education
  • Excellent Salary

The types of chef jobs we offer:

If you are perso

If you are personally interested in our vacancies or know someone who may be, please apply or share our part time chef jobs.

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