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Perfect Household Staff are an international recruitment agency who specialise in household management and domestic recruitment. The agency has been trading for over 15 years and is a trusted and respected source of private household staff. The domestic recruitment team search for candidates with a high level of experience, professionalism, attitude and personality to match your requirements and fill your vacancy.

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Would you like to find a job in the domestic staffing industry? Our agency support candidates in securing the best jobs available on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for short term, long term or temporary employment in the domestic sector, our recruiters will go above and beyond to help you. To save time, please read the agency's requirements before registering.

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Find and Hire a Professional Laundress with a Professional Laundress Agency

Hiring a private laundress can be a game-changer for those who lead busy and demanding lifestyles. This luxury service offers a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond just having fresh and neatly folded laundry. Firstly, a private laundress ensures a significant reduction in the time and effort spent on mundane laundry chores. For professionals and families, this means more time to focus on career, personal growth, and quality time with loved ones. The convenience of having someone else handle the laundry can free up several hours each week, allowing individuals to engage in activities they truly enjoy.

In addition to saving time, hiring a private laundress also ensures a higher level of expertise and care in handling various fabrics and clothing items. A skilled and experienced laundress understands the nuances of different fabrics and knows the appropriate washing, drying, and ironing techniques to maintain the longevity and quality of each piece. Delicate and expensive garments are handled with utmost care, reducing the risk of accidental damage during the washing process. This not only preserves the investment in clothing but also ensures that one's wardrobe remains in top-notch condition.

Privacy and confidentiality are two other significant advantages of hiring a private laundress. Many individuals value their privacy and prefer to keep personal clothing items out of public eye, especially in communal laundry facilities. By entrusting the laundry to a private laundress, there is no concern about others handling or seeing personal items. This sense of privacy can be particularly essential for high-profile individuals, public figures, or those who simply value discretion in their daily lives.

Furthermore, a private laundress can customise their services to meet individual preferences and needs. They can accommodate specific laundry instructions, such as using particular detergents or fabric softeners, hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer, or folding clothes in a particular manner. This personalised approach ensures that clients receive laundry results that align perfectly with their preferences.

Overall, hiring a private laundress can transform the way individuals approach laundry chores, granting them more time, convenience, specialised care, privacy, and a personalised touch. While it is undoubtedly a luxury service, for those who can afford it, the benefits can be truly invaluable in simplifying and enhancing their daily lives.

Difference Between a Laundress and a Housekeeper

A laundress and a housekeeper serve distinct roles in a household. While a laundress focuses primarily on all aspects of laundry care, including washing, ironing, and organising clothes and linens, a housekeeper's main responsibility lies in overall household maintenance. Housekeepers handle a wide range of cleaning tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, and tidying up various areas of the home. Additionally, housekeepers may be involved in cooking and food preparation, organising rooms, and managing household supplies. In summary, the laundress specialises in fabric care and wardrobe management, while the housekeeper oversees the cleanliness and organisation of the entire household.

How to Find a Laundress with Perfect Household Staff

With over 15 years experience within the domestic services industry, Perfect Household Staff have placed countless professional laundresses in our discerning clients homes. Finding a skilled and dependable laundress can be made easier and more efficient by enlisting the services of a reputable recruitment agency like Perfect Household Staff. We specialise in connecting qualified domestic staff with households in need of their services, including laundresses.

To begin the process, you would start by contacting Perfect Household Staff. We have experienced consultants who will guide you through the hiring process and help you define your specific requirements for a laundress.

During an initial consultation, the agency will take the time to understand your household's needs, such as the volume of laundry, specific fabric care requirements, and any other preferences you may have. This information is crucial for the agency to identify suitable candidates who can meet your expectations.

Based on your requirements, the laundress agency will begin our search for potential laundresses from our extensive network of candidates. These candidates are always pre-screened and vetted, and the agency conducts thorough background checks to ensure their credibility and reliability.

Once our laundress agency has shortlisted suitable laundress candidates, we will provide you with their resumes and profiles. This allows you to review each candidate's qualifications, experience, and skillset before making a decision.

Working with a recruitment agency like Perfect Household Staff offers several advantages. Firstly, we save you the time and effort of searching for candidates on your own. Our expertise and market knowledge allows our professional recruitment team to quickly identify qualified laundresses who are the best match for your household's needs. Additionally, our private laundress agency has access to a pool of highly skilled candidates, including those who may not be actively looking for jobs but are open to exceptional opportunities.

Another benefit is the assurance of the candidate's background and references being thoroughly checked by the agency, giving you peace of mind regarding the reliability and trustworthiness of the laundress you eventually hire.

We guarantee to find the best laundress available on the current market. Our clients rest assured that the best possible professional will be soon working for them. If your family are looking to hire a qualified laundress, we have the most qualified laundress available and in order to discuss your requirements in more detail, please dial +44 (0) 203 318 4468 to speak with hour housekeeping department.

Laundress Duties:

  • Washing and Steaming clothes
  • Mending clothes
  • Ironing clothes and linens
  • Wardrobe management and organisation of laundry
  • Sorting and preparing items for dry cleaning
  • Seasonal organisation of wardrobes
  • Cataloging designer clothing and relative valuable items
  • Attending to suit cases for travel and return
  • Others ad hoc duties concerning housekeeping

Our Laundress Vetting Process

As an established and reputable recruitment agency, our laundress vetting process at Perfect Household Staff is rigorous and comprehensive. We understand the importance of finding skilled and trustworthy candidates to meet our clients' specific household needs. Here's an overview of our laundress vetting process:

  • Application and Initial Screening: Prospective laundresses submit their applications to our agency, providing essential details about their qualifications, work experience, and skills. Our team of consultants reviews each application to ensure they meet our minimum criteria.
  • In-Depth Interviews: Shortlisted candidates undergo in-depth interviews with our experienced consultants. These interviews allow us to assess their communication skills, professional demeanour, and dedication to their craft.
  • Background Checks: We conduct thorough background checks on each candidate, verifying their employment history, references, and criminal record (if applicable). This step ensures that we only consider candidates with a clean track record and a history of reliable work.
  • Skills Assessment: To assess their laundry expertise, candidates may be required to demonstrate their proficiency in handling various fabrics, using different laundry equipment, and implementing specific laundry care techniques.
  • Experience Verification: We verify the candidates' work experience and ask for references from their previous employers. This process allows us to gauge their reliability and performance in past roles.
  • Personality and Fit: We consider the personality and compatibility of the candidate with the specific household they will be serving. Finding the right fit ensures a harmonious and productive working relationship between the laundress and the client.
  • Specialised Training: If needed, we may provide specialised training to candidates to meet the specific requirements of our clients. This could include additional training in handling delicate fabrics, using eco-friendly laundry products, or accommodating specific preferences.
  • Client-Specific Requirements: We take into account any unique requirements our clients may have for their laundress. This could include knowledge of garment care for designer clothing, experience with steam pressing, or expertise in organising and maintaining an extensive wardrobe.
  • Ongoing Support: Our support does not end with the placement. We maintain regular communication with our clients and the hired laundress to ensure a smooth integration and address any concerns that may arise.

At Perfect Household Staff, we pride ourselves on the quality of our vetting process, ensuring that we present our clients with highly skilled, reliable, and trustworthy laundress candidates who are well-suited to meet their household needs.

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Laundress or Wardrobe Person Salary:

Hourly Salary Net: £20.00 / Hour Net to £35.00 / Hour Net

Annual Gross Salary: Starting at £40,000.00 / Year Gross

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