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Perfect Household Staff are an international recruitment agency who specialise in household management and domestic recruitment. The agency has been trading for over 15 years and is a trusted and respected source of private household staff. The domestic recruitment team search for candidates with a high level of experience, professionalism, attitude and personality to match your requirements and fill your vacancy.

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Would you like to find a job in the domestic staffing industry? Our agency support candidates in securing the best jobs available on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for short term, long term or temporary employment in the domestic sector, our recruiters will go above and beyond to help you. To save time, please read the agency's requirements before registering.

Home Security, Domestic Staff, Trustworthiness, Background Checks, Security Vetting

Enhancing Home Security with Thorough Staff Background Checks

When it comes to providing domestic staff, trustworthiness is paramount. We understand the critical importance of ensuring that the staff we offer uphold the highest standards of loyalty and commitment. As a standard practice, we diligently source and rigorously interview all potential candidates, conducting meticulous background checks on their documentation and records.

Comprehensive Security Vetting Service

Furthermore, we extend an additional layer of security by offering a comprehensive security vetting service. This service serves to bolster our clients' confidence in the honesty and integrity of individuals who have unsupervised access to their homes, valuable possessions, and even their children.

To achieve this, we have a valuable resource in the form of an experienced ex-Metropolitan police officer and private intelligence analyst. When commissioned by us, this expert conducts in-depth interviews with candidates at their home addresses. They gather pertinent information and conduct extensive research into the candidate's lifestyle, family, and associations. The result is the creation of an integrity profile, forming the foundation of a comprehensive risk assessment.

Ongoing Security Assessments

Our security vetting service can also be ongoing, particularly with regard to long-standing staff members. Over time, clients may notice subtle changes in the behavior of certain employees, necessitating a gentle reevaluation. We conduct these assessments with care and sensitivity to avoid alarming the employee or creating animosity.

It is essential to remember that familiarity can sometimes lead to complacency. Many of our valued clients treat their long-standing staff as part of their extended family. While this is a warm and civil approach, it's crucial never to forget that household staff have their own lives, families, and aspirations, some of which may not always align with the client's interests. Background checks on staff members can proactively prevent potential issues from arising. Thoroughly investigating a nanny's or housekeeper's background can significantly enhance home security and, ultimately, the client's peace of mind.

Our Thorough Investigation Services

To aid our clients in achieving peace of mind, Perfect Household Staff (PHS) offers the following thorough investigation services:

  1. Client-Initiated Contact: The client contacts the employee/candidate and requests their authorization for a visit by a PHS analyst.
  2. Information Sharing: The client provides the employee's details, including a CV and contact information, to the PHS analyst. The analyst then directly contacts the employee/candidate to arrange a mutually convenient time for a security interview at the candidate's home address.
  3. Preliminary Research: Before the interview, the PHS analyst conducts preliminary pre-interview research using open-source and subscription databases, including social media, based on details provided by the client.
  4. Non-confrontational Interview: The PHS analyst conducts a non-confrontational security interview, aiming for openness and transparency. The employee/candidate is assured that they are not obligated to answer any questions and will not face pressure to do so. This interview is presented as an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and a willingness to address the client's security concerns. The information gathered during the interview and vetting process is promised to remain confidential and will be shared only with the client, not with any other individuals, official bodies, or private companies.
  5. Structured Interview: The security interview is structured under various headings, covering aspects such as family and accommodation, education and career, health, travel, legal matters, financial standing, politics and religion, pastimes and hobbies, social media presence, and general information.
  6. Post-Interview Research: Following the interview, the PHS analyst conducts further research based on the information obtained during the interview.
  7. Reporting to the Client: The PHS analyst provides a detailed report to the client. If any anomalies or concerns arise during the post-interview investigation, the report may suggest a follow-up interview to clarify matters. This subsequent interview need not occur at the candidate's home address, and any additional costs incurred are minimal.

We are committed to ensuring the utmost security for our clients and their households. For further information or to register with PHS, please contact us.

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Domestic & Estate Staff

Our experienced recruitment team have placed privet domestic staff for over a decade. We recruit for live in and live out, permanent or temporary staff, covering both full time and part time vacancies. Whether you are looking for a housekeeper, laundress, maid or cook, our recruiters are here to support you during the recruitment process as well as provide employment and payroll solutions following a successful placement.

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Governess, Maternity & Nannies (Childcare)

We have been working with professional childcare providers who are passionate about working with children. Perfect Household Staff started out as Perfect Nanny specialising in multilingual nannies who are prepared to travel internationally, live in or live out position, in permanent, seasonal or temporary childcare roles, sole charge or nanny share.

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Specialist Staff

Whether you are looking for a permanent, seasonal or temporary chef, chauffeur, butler, private security officer, gardener or domestic couples, your search has taken you to the right place. Perfect household staff provide professional, discreet and trustworthy specialist in all of these areas.

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Family Office & Corporate

Whilst providing private domestic recruitment solutions, our team are working with a number of private family offices in placing estate managers, PA’s, EA’s, financial analysts, operations managers, Business and Property Managers.

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Perfect Household Staff recruiters are always searching for experienced professional housekeepers who have been working in private family homes for a minimum of 3 years. If you enjoy your work as a domestic professional, we look forward to hearing from you. Current vacancies on our jobs board.


We are looking for professional nannies who are passionate about working with children and assisting their development. Nannies who have experience being employed as domestic professionals are always welcome at Perfect Household Staff. Current vacancies on our jobs board.

Butlers & Estate managers:

For over 15 years, we have been sourcing and placing top tier, highly professional domestic staff in the UK and internationally. Perfect Household Staff have worked with the most affluent families in the world ranging from celebrities to government officials and royal households. Current vacancies on our jobs board.


Professional chauffeurs who have been employed by private families or HNWIs are always welcome at Perfect Household Staff. Whether you are a chauffeur with their own vehicle or are used to managing an elite fleet, we have the latest new jobs available. Current vacancies on our jobs board.


We are searching for professional chefs who have experience working in private households or Michelin restaurants. We desperately need outstanding chefs who specialise in certain cuisines such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Cantonese, Chines, Russian and others. Good knowledge of diets is essential. Current vacancies on our jobs board.

Maternity Nurse

Our domestic staffing agency have been finding the perfect job for maternity nurses for over a decade. Perfect Household Staff have found jobs for multilingual professional maternity nurses, internationally as well as in the UK. Current vacancies on our jobs board. Current vacancies on our jobs board.

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