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Where to Find Private Childcare Jobs?

Finding Rewarding Childcare Jobs with Perfect Household Staff

Discover exceptional childcare jobs  through Perfect Household Staff, a renowned agency dedicated to connecting talented professionals with rewarding nanny jobs and governess jobs. Our reputation for being reliable, flexible, and honest ensures a seamless experience for nannies and governesses seeking their dream roles. With a global reach, we extend our services beyond borders, assisting skilled caregivers in finding nanny jobs and governess jobs internationally.

Having 15 years of experience in working with professional nannies and in the private childcare industry, we know what it means to be a dedicated childcare professional. All of our childcare providers are treated with respect and gratitude which is the reason why we are often recommended by our candidates to other professionals and families.

Unlocking Prosperity: Salaries of Professional Childcare Jobs

Embrace the opportunity to secure a well-paid career in childcare through Perfect Household Staff. Our agency understands the value of your dedication, offering competitive salaries for both nanny jobs and governess jobs. We recognise the important roles that nannies and governesses play in shaping young lives and offer financial security and benefits that reflect the significance of your commitment. Childcare jobs not only provide financial stability but also the chance to make a dependable and lasting impact on the lives of children and families.

Whether you're pursuing a nanny job or a governess job, our agency ensures that your dedication and expertise are duly rewarded. Salaries for nanny jobs are structured to acknowledge the essential role you play in providing caring support, fostering growth, and ensuring the security of the children entrusted to your care. Similarly, governess jobs offer competitive compensation that recognises your commitment to educating and nurturing children in a home environment.

In addition to competitive salaries, Perfect Household Staff also provides a host of benefits designed to support your reliable and flexible contribution to childcare. We believe that childcare jobs should offer more than just financial rewards—it should provide a sense of fulfillment and pride. As a result, our agency offers dependable nanny jobs and governess jobs that not only respect your expertise but also ensure that your dedication to nurturing and educating young minds is well compensated.

The Ideal Choice for Your Childcare Career: Find Childcare Jobs with Perfect Household Staff

When it comes to pursuing your passion in the realm of childcare jobs, there's no better partner than Perfect Household Staff. Our agency is dedicated to connecting skilled professionals with the most rewarding nanny jobs and governess jobs available. We understand that your role as a caregiver is not just a job but a vocation that requires commitment, expertise, and compassion.
Our extensive network and years of experience enable us to match your unique skills and preferences with families seeking top-tier childcare. We recognise the distinct responsibilities of childcare jobs: nanny jobs and governess jobs, and we tailor our placement process to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your expertise.  At Perfect Household Staff, we prioritise your professional growth and well-being. We offer comprehensive resources, training opportunities, and a supportive community that empowers you to excel in your nanny job or governess job. 

Exploring Diverse Childcare Jobs

Childcare is a dynamic field with a range of rewarding opportunities, each catering to different needs and preferences. At Perfect Household Staff, we specialise in connecting dedicated professionals with various types of childcare jobs, including nanny jobs and governess jobs. Here are some of the distinct types within these roles that you can explore: Nanny Jobs:

  • Live-In Nanny Job: Providing round-the-clock care and support for children within the family's home.
  • Live-Out Nanny Job: Offering childcare services during specific hours and returning to your own residence.
  • Part-Time Nanny Job: Assisting with childcare duties on a flexible, part-time basis.
  • Full-Time Nanny Job: Undertaking comprehensive childcare responsibilities throughout the week.
  • Temporary Nanny Job: Stepping in to provide care during periods of parental absence or special events.

Governess Jobs:

  • Educational Governess Jobs: Focusing on the intellectual and educational development of children, often incorporating formal lessons.
  • Tutoring Governess Jobs: Providing personalised academic guidance and support to children in specific subjects.
  • Linguistic Governess Jobs: Teaching and enhancing language skills through engaging activities and lessons.
  • Cultural Governess Jobs: Exposing children to arts, culture, and etiquette to broaden their horisons.
  • Travel Governess Jobs: Accompanying families on trips to ensure a seamless educational experience on the go.

By understanding these diverse options within nanny jobs and governess jobs, you can choose a path that aligns perfectly with your expertise, interests, and career goals.

How to Apply for a Nanny Job?

When applying for a nanny job, it is crucial that your CV is up to date has been tailored to the vacancy that you are applying for. Apply for as many vacancies as possible and ensure that your references are aware that a family may call.  

It is important to attentively read and understand the job description as it will dictate what the family require. Please ensure that your CV has as much nanny job relevant details as possible where your duties and reason for leaving are clear. Speak with our childcare department today for advice on how to stand out.

The majority of families searching for professional childcare providers, are looking for nannies with previous childcare experience. For junior candidates, it is advisable to search for au pair positions.

When speaking with our childcare department, please feel free to enquire about interview techniques and advice on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

Family Requirements from Childcare Professionals:

Just as every family is unique, so are the expectations and desires they have when seeking the perfect match for their childcare needs within childcare jobs, whether it's a nanny job or a governess job. As a childcare professional, understanding and meeting these family requirements is paramount to establishing a successful and harmonious partnership that enriches the lives of both the children and the caregivers. All candidates go through a face to face interview where the below check list is meticulously followed:

  • 3 Years of Private Childcare / Nanny Work Experience
  • 2 Checkable References
  • Passport
  • 2 x Proof of Address (utility bill, driving licence, bank statement)
  • Willingness to file for a DBS
  • First Aid Knowledge
  • Proof of Qualifications

From nanny jobs that demand a warm and affectionate approach to governess jobs that emphasise educational guidance and mentorship, each childcare position carries its own set of responsibilities and expectations. By aligning these requirements with the strengths and capabilities of our candidates, we create meaningful connections that result in enriching experiences for both caregivers and families.  In the upcoming sections, we'll delve into the specific family requirements that define childcare jobs, shedding light on the qualities that make a childcare professional an invaluable asset to any household.

Empowering Your Childcare Career with Perfect Household Staff

When it comes to embarking on a fulfilling and impactful childcare jobs, partnering with Perfect Household Staff is a strategic choice that can make all the difference. As a distinguished childcare recruitment agency, we are dedicated to connecting skilled professionals like you with exceptional nanny jobs and governess jobs that align with your expertise and aspirations. Our agency offers a plethora of advantages that set us apart in the childcare industry. Firstly, we have a proven track record of successfully matching talented nannies and governesses with families seeking the highest quality care and education for their children. This reputation for excellence opens doors to exclusive opportunities and ensures that your skills are valued and appreciated.

How to Calculate Tax, National Insurance, Pensions, Net and Gross Pay?

We have developed a very useful tool for calculating the true salary of childcare providers. If you would like to see the break down of your salary inclusive of:

  • Gross Salary
  • Net Salary
  • National Insurance Contribution
  • Tax Contribution
  • Pension Contribution

You can either call our friendly recruitment team on +44(0)2033184468 or email our team at . Alternatively, you can complete the nanny jobs registration form by clicking the button below: 

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We value the hard work that our exceptional nannies do in order to look after our clients, please contact Perfect Household Staff by clicking here to email or phoning: +44(0)203 318 4468 to find out how we can help you secure your next dream job.

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