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Perfect Household Staff are an international recruitment agency who specialise in household management and domestic recruitment. The agency has been trading for over 15 years and is a trusted and respected source of private household staff. The domestic recruitment team search for candidates with a high level of experience, professionalism, attitude and personality to match your requirements and fill your vacancy.

The Best Security Services

Feel Totally Safe with our Excellent Security Services Staff

Nothing is more important than the safety and well being of you and your loved ones. We know that the security of your property, finances, business, assets and family is very important, which is why Perfect Household Staff only supplies the very best security services to our clients.

Our staff is comprised by well trained and experienced professionals. Many of our professionals are ex police or ex military. However, others are simply experienced industry professionals. We have an enviable reputation within the security market.

We offer a wide range of services, from security staff to consultancy and professional investigations teams. We are delighted to offer the following services to our clients:

  • Private Intelligence Analyst Services.
  • Close Protection: We offer 24/7 bodyguard services as well as a one-time service for exceptional events. We asses and then we provide the appropriate protection services.
  • Security Chauffeuring: We provide professional drivers that have been trained in evasive and defensive driving techniques to keep you safe on the road. .
  • Residential Security: We can routinely protect properties and when in residence, also their occupants. We do so professionally, discreetly and with the minimum of disruption.
  • IT and Mobile Phone Encryption and Protection: We can provide many levels of IT security services that are normally only associated with military and Government.
  • Panic Rooms: For those who feel like they are at a high risk we can provide a safe, secure and concealed environment to act as a safe haven.
  • Armoured Luxury Vehicles: You can choose luxury armoured vehicles form premier brands such as Mercedes, BMC, Range Rover, Jaguar and Toyota. You will have them delivered to your signature specification to meet your protection and luxury levels.
  • Fraud Investigation: We can investigate from Boiler rooms to Ponzi schemes and Advance fee frauds. Our investigators specialize in identifying the perpetrators and chasing the money wherever it may be in the world.
  • Debugging and Electronic Forensic Investigations: We provide professionals that can detect and neutralize eavesdropping devices and spy-ware.

As well as supplying you with your own excellent security team we also liaise with the police, community groups, local authorities and major businesses to offer training to security staff across the country and we can help you to train your existing staff as well as training yourself. The training we offer can include the use of our unique Facilitated Electronic Data System (FEDS) and our crisis-management system, Live Incident Management Interactive Trainer (LIMIT). The different training services we offer are:

  • Personal Security Awareness Training: We offer awareness training to both the family and staff in order to help identify potential threats and how to react accordingly. Services include training staff on how to act in the event of a crisis and teaching staff the importance of due diligence in order to prevent situations that can damage the client physically, financially or reputation wise.
  • Evasive and Defensive Driver Training: We can train you in evasive and defensive driving techniques to help you negate security risks when driving.
  • Anti Kidnap and Ransom Training: We can show you how to increase your chances in difficult situations.

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