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Families who speak Russian as their native language, when relocating, the requirement of Russian speaking domestic staff often becomes very relevent. If we consider the nanny being as the integral part of the domestic staff team, then it probably makes sense to focus our attention on the Russian-speaking nanny or governess. Why? The fact is that the Russian speaking nanny will communicate with your child in Russian, it will be easier for the child to understand them if they communicate in their native language. The nanny will also understand your requirements much better if they can speak your language. Hiring a Russian speaking nanny is an essential link to your home country and your culture which you will want to keep. At the same time, the Russian-speaking nannies often speaks excellent English, which is an absolute plus. Thus, the nanny can help the child adapt to the new environment.

Trying to find a Russian speaking nanny becomes increasingly relevant.

The basic requirements when hiring a Russian Speaking Nanny

Finding a truly professional Russian speaking nanny in London is possible. If we talk about the basic requirements for family assistants, this will be the absence of bad habits, private family experience and the presence of excellent recommendations from previous employers. The nanny should have a calm and balanced character, be flexible and organised. The Russian speaking nanny must also have the necessary professional certificates with medical documents and, of course, to have the correct Russian speech, preferably without an accent, since the children are very receptive and repeat everything they hear. The nanny and governess must know the basics of first aid or have a medical training.

But besides professional requirements, each parent tries to find a nanny who will take care of their children with love and care. Here it is worth noting that nannies take care of babies and children, but the governess (the "classic" nanny for older children) pays more attention to the upbringing and educational development of your children. Each professional childcare provider spends a lot of time on the daily care of children and treats them with great respect. They understand how to establish great contact with your children, and also always find the right way out of difficult situations concerning behaviour.

What does a London based Russian Speaking nanny do?

As for the duties of the Russian-speaking nanny in the UK, the nanny is more concerned with caring for the child, cooking, organising and tidying the childs' bedroom as well walking in the parks and organising activities. The nanny becomes an essential part of the family whilst looking after the baby and parents. Russian speaking nannies never perform their duties as a boring routine, but they will do them with love for the child whilst giving them as much care as they need. Listening to native Russian speech from the birth allows the baby to the language, and parents can stay assured that their child will not forget their native language and grow up to be bilingual.

What are the duties of a Russian speaking Governess?

The Russian speaking governess will engaged with children in the development of the child’s speech in the form of writing, reading and speaking They help with lessons, teach disciplines and moral principles. A Russian-speaking governess can not only speak in her mother tongue well and support the development of Russian speech in the child, but also communicate perfectly in English, helping you with the day to day matters concerning the child. They are just as affective as a native English speaking nanny at communicating with your child’s teachers, scheduling extra curriculum classes and accompanying to the doctor appointments.

What should be considered when choosing a Russian-speaking nanny or Russian speaking Governess?

To find a Russian speaking nanny in London is important not just as another employee, but to find a person close to your family in culture and beliefs. Here it is important to understand that for a private family these traits are considered the main criteria for finding the perfect nanny. For many families, to find an expert who is more involved in the education of the child and who will be able to teach various cultural traditions is the priority. Other families, will often seek to find an active person who can keep up and entertain their hyperactive children by introducing sports and other energetic activities.

Therefore, it is important to immediately determine what responsibilities your Russian speaking nanny will fulfil. These conditions must be agreed in advance and highlighted in the nanny contract. In addition, it is important to understand what additional responsibilities your nanny will be engaged in other than caring for the child. Please ensure to discuss all domestic issues concerning household chores and raising children as well as any other circumstances you may face such as international travel or nanny holiday allowance.

An important factor when choosing a Russian speaking nanny live out, is the amount of time it would take them to travel in to work. In London, there are often problems with transport, so it is important that the nanny has several ways of getting to work. As a rule, many professional  nannies in London already have experience of working in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Belgravia, Chelsea, etc. This gives them an additional advantage, since they know the best children's clubs, can advise good tutors in specific subjects, know local shops with organic products and can accurately calculate the time needed for travel in to work.

Who is trying to find a Russian speaking nanny?

To find a job as a Russian speaking nanny, in addition to meeting all the necessary requirements, it is important to be well spoken in Russian. Often many families from Russia are looking for a person with experience who will remind their children of their native speech.

Living abroad, many families want to make up for the shortage of Russian speech, and the Russian speaking nanny becomes an excellent assistant in this. Unlike teachers at school, they will be able to talk with your children in their native language and convey to your child the admiration for Russian culture, Russian poetry, reading fairy tales, learning tongue twisters and singing well-known children's songs.

Being a part of the family.

Remind yourself that you are not just looking for an employee, but a person who will be on the same wavelength with your family. During a conversation with applicants, ask a lot of questions, during their extended employment the Russian speaking nanny will become a part of your family, and it will be they who will look after the person most dear to you - your child.

Perfect Household Staff hopes that we helped you understand the choice of a Russian-speaking nanny for your beloved children. If you have questions or a desire to use our recruitment services, we have many years of experience and the most developed database in the United Kingdom. We are always happy to help you.


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