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Where to find temporary chef jobs?

Other than word of moth, some of the top temp chef jobs are found using private recruiters and domestic recruitment agencies such as Perfect Household Staff.

Corporate recruitment platforms and social media will be the place where a lot of temp chef jobs are advertised as well as private recruitment agency websites. We advise our candidates to register with as many professional domestic recruitment agencies as possible and keep up to date on various job boards such as: Indeed or LinkedIn and Gumtree as well as using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Professional private chefs looking for temp work who are thinking about registering with Perfect Household Staff are welcome to do so using thins link.

How to secure a temporary chef job?

To be selected for a temporary chef job all candidates are required to register with Perfect Household Staff. You must have an  outstanding CV with excellent references.

Following registration with Perfect Household Staff and providing that you meet the agencies requirements, it is important that you apply for the right job. Always consider the position which you are applying for and tailor your CV to the position by outlining your experience and reasons for application.

If you have catered for large events or specialise in a particular cuisine, please make sure that it is outlined in your application.

During the interview stage, make sure to highlight your job specific skills to the interviewer. If you would like to receive a list of questions that could be asked by an employer during the interview, please ask our recruitment consultants working on filling the temp chef job.

When do temp chef jobs become available?

Most of the time, temp chef jobs become available when the employer is travelling or looking for an evening of something special. For temp chef vacancies such as this either with several days notice or well in advance.

Occasionally, when a full time employee leaves for annual leave, sickness or maternity leave, families often try to replace their full time chef with a temporary chef. For temp chef vacancies such as this, the chef will be recruited in advance.

In certain cases, where a chef employment is terminated abruptly, the family may hire a temp chef for a short period of time whilst they are looking for someone permanent.

Why chose a temporary chef job?

The majority of chefs looking for a temp job choose this option because of the flexibility it offers as well as the variety. When working with several families, the menu planning is challenging but it gives the chef a chance to expand their portfolio and create.

Professional chefs, search for temp chef jobs for additional hours when their employer is away on holiday or even during their own annual holiday.

Benefits of temporary chef jobs:

  • Flexible Working
  • Additional Pay
  • Varied Working Day
  • Portfolio Expansion
  • Flexible Time Off
  • Varied Equipment
  • Travel
  • Potential of Permanent Employment

The types of chef jobs we offer:

If you are personally interested in our vacancies or know someone who may be, please apply or share our temp chef jobs.

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