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A Perfect Housekeeper UK from our UK Housekeeper Agency.

Find a housekeeper UK directly with Perfect Household Staff. Our UK housekeeper agency have 2000+ registered professional private UK housekeepers on our books. Your UK housekeeper search should not take longer than 24 hours before your first interview.

How to find a housekeeper UK?

For 15 years, our international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff has been helping families to find a housekeeper UK and in the selection of professional domestic staff. Through our London offices, we fill vacancies around the world, our main objective and focus being on finding the best private staff available for our families to choose. If you are trying to find a housekeeper UK, you can rest assured that our UK housekeeper agency will provide you with a quality recruitment service.

In UK housekeeper recruitment, our housekeeper agency UK will go through dozens of professional housekeeper profiles on a daily basis with the sole intention of selecting the best housekeepers for your consideration: We call their references, check their work history, certifications, suitability and reliability. We personally get acquainted with the housekeeper UK during a detailed interview, study their life stories and select professionals who we think have the experience and character which will suit you.

Only following the completion of the above, our UK housekeeper agency will decide on whether to submit the housekeepers' profile to you or to rate them and add them to our database for other families. Every candidate has a rating based on their performance, skills, experience and attitude. Our UK housekeeper agency recruitment team shall never submit applicants who are below a three star rating.

For a UK housekeeper to have a 3 star rating they must have a minimum of a selection of the below in their portfolio:

  • 3 years of private domestic experience
  • A strong interview with PHS
  • A good level of spoken language
  • A set of specialist skills such as cooking, laundry, dry cleaning, wardrobe management, flower arrangement, silver polishing, antique experience, confident driver, etc...

A UK housekeeper from our housekeeper agency UK knows how to use all modern household appliances, take care of your wardrobe and luxury interior decoration. The housekeeper is responsible for ensuring that the house is in order, the supply of food, and that the pets are clean and beautiful.  If the applicant does not have enough knowledge or you would like them to be a little better in a certain skill, our housekeeper agency UK can offer our butler training or head housekeeper training services. Just as our domestic staff, we are committed and aspire to do our best for our clients with 24/7 support.

UK housekeeper recruitment is a significantly more complicated business than it seems at first glance. Our UK housekeeper agency recruitment consultants spend countless hours on filtering candidates before introducing them to you. After all, your family's safety and wellbeing depend on which UK housekeeper you choose. We always try to find out as much as we can about them, their personal life, their hobbies and interests. We will provide you with their references and if  desired, arrange a conversation between you and their previous employers. During the interview stage, we encourage you to ask any questions which you may find relevant. If requested, we can even record our interview with them and provide you with the recording along with their CV.

Now, about the cost of housekeeper services UK.

Before fulfilling your “I want to Find a Housekeeper UK” wish, think about which duties you want them to perform, so that later it doesn’t turn out in the end that you wanted to hire a housekeeper UK but ended up hiring a nanny housekeeper. After all, we provide you with the candidates but it is your choice which matters.

A UK housekeeper salary is usually based on an hourly rate and directly depends on the list of services that you describe in the contract. The average rate for a housekeeper in the UK is between £13.00 and £18.00 per hour net. When calculating the salary of a housekeeper, the working hours and days are very important to consider. The more experienced the UK housekeeper, the higher their salary. If you offer a salary below the market rate, it is highly likely that the housekeeper will leave your employment as soon as they find a housekeeper UK job which is better paid.

Other than the salary, it is very important that you treat your housekeeper as a professional employee with the respect which they deserve.

Now, to the question of how to hire a housekeeper UK.

We are an established housekeeper agency UK with a sterling reputation. We operate strictly on signing of a contract and offer a free replacement or a refund when a UK housekeeper performs their duties below the standard expected of them. We take full responsibility for our employees and offer a 12 week guarantee period for every candidate who they introduce to you.

Once you have personally interviewed several housekeepers who we provide, which leads to you choosing a housekeeper who we introduced, you will make them an offer. On the offer being accepted, we will provide you with the full document package of the chosen UK housekeeper. Our UK housekeeper recruitment team will provide you with a template of a housekeeper contract and offer a range of payroll services.

Our professional recruitment team will provide you with support throughout your new housekeepers employment.

Our housekeeper agency UK offers families a number of guarantees.

  • Firstly, our Housekeeper Agency UK will offer you not one, but up to 10 candidates for the position of housekeeper UK.
  • Secondly, we will arrange an interview with each applicant so that you can talk with them and make your choice.
  • Thirdly, at your request, our housekeeper UK will be able to undergo an additional medical examination.
  • Further more, for each UK Housekeeper we keep a personal file with passports, proof of address, driving license, DBS and recommendations from their previous employer. You will have access to these documents once you choose to hire a housekeeper UK with us.

Upon the receipt of out housekeeper agency UK terms of business, you will learn that you also have a 12 weeks guarantee period from the date that our UK housekeeper accepts your job offer. The more you learn about the housekeeper UK throughout their employment, the more comfortable you will feel with our services as they know that they are representing the agency when working for you.

What does our housekeeper agency UK pay attention to throughout UK housekeeper recruitment:

  1. Housekeeper UK must have at least 3 years of experience working with families;
  2. Housekeeper UK must have written letters of recommendation that can be used to contact previous employers;
  3. Housekeeper UK should have plenty of energy but must not be intrusive;
  4. Housekeeper UK should live within 45 minutes of your home;
  5. You must feel comfortable speaking with the housekeeper UK and asking them personal questions;
Once you hire a housekeeper UK, you have the right to teach/show the housekeeper UK your requirements. To avoid unforeseen difficulties and miscommunication, for quality work performance of the UK housekeeper, you must treat them as an employee.

Our housekeeper agency UK wants you to find a housekeeper UK that satisfies you in every way possible and will offer you our full assistance in UK housekeeper recruitment. Simply contact Perfect Household Staff by clicking here to email or call: +44(0)2045770066

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