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Where to find Chef Jobs?

Perfect Household Staff frequently advertise private and personal chef jobs. Registering with our recruitment agency is a great way to to progress your chef career or to find a chef job.

With over a decade of experience in staffing private family homes and working closely with family offices, some of the best private chef jobs are advertised here. Registered candidates can see and apply for new domestic Chef jobs posted on our domestic careers jobs board

It is important not to limit your chances of finding your dream job by only registering with PHS as many chef vacancies are also available on various job boards such as: Indeed or LinkedIn and Gumtree as well as using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To apply for our permanent chef jobs or to join our Home Chef team you will need to register, our candidate registration form is easy to fill out and can take around 15 minutes. Chefs are required to attend an interview prior to their CV being submitted for the private jobs (providing that you meet the minimal requirements). 

What Private Chef Jobs are available at Perfect Household Staff?

The majority of our chef vacancies will be located in London as Mayfair is the home to our head office. Other than private chef jobs, you will also notice that we offer a personal chef service with Home Chef. 

The Chef Vacancies we advertise please use the search to :

We will only accept junior chefs with minimal experience for the Home Chef services. If you would like to apply for any other chef job, you will need a minimum of 3 years private family experience.

How to secure а Private Chef Job?

To secure a private Chef job, it is vital that you are exceptionally talented and have experience in renowned kitchens known for their exceptional food and demanding work ethic.

When applying for our vacancies, please ensure that your CV has been tailored to match the chef vacancy advertised in the job description. Always try to apply for as many jobs as possible to maximise your chances of find an employer who also suits you.

It is vital to read and understand what the Chef vacancy requires of you and to make ensure your professional experience reflects those requirements. Our recruiters will never be able to tailor your CV to a Chef job as well as you. Certain aspects of your previous positions may be missed during the interview  and you will help them by tailoring as much of it as you can by yourself.

All professional and highly experienced private chefs will have a portfolio which contains pictures and menus of their dishes. These portfolios are used by our chef recruitment team to help them stand out when applying for a job. 

The majority of families are searching for professional private chefs who have experience in private families but it is also possible to secure your ideal chef job if you have experience working in Michelin star, Rosette and exceptional restaurants. Our Home Chef service is a great way for restaurant chefs to gain vital private chef experience as this will show employers that you are serious about working for a private family.

When speaking with our Chef recruitment department, please feel free to enquire about interview techniques and advice on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

The benefits of working as a Private Chef?

The salary offered in private chef jobs is often much higher than that of a restaurant chef.

When the principals are in residence or entertaining, your day will most likely be busy and physically demanding. When the employer travels, unless you are required to travel with them, the duties will be relaxed or you will be on fully paid leave.

In a non-formal household you will have a lot of flexibility with the working hours providing that you have built a great relationship with your employer.

There are also many other benefits to consider.

What is the Home Chef service?

We expect our Home Chefs to be self employed as all financial dealings will be conducted directly with the client and you will not be employed directly by the agency or the client during this time.

Perfect Household Staff clients have witnessed increased interest from private families with varied budgets in hiring a personal chef for a special occasion or when they are simply looking for a special experience. 

When joining our home chef service, you will simply need to let our chef recruitment departenment know that you are available to offer your professional services on a one off basis. It is a great way to experience working in different kitchens and to have an alternative income to your full time job.

Occasionally chefs who impress during the Home Chef experience will be offered full time employment.

What is the Home Chef Delivery service?

Especially during the pandemic, private families are doing everything that they can to limit the amount of contact they have with people outside of their home. This however has not stopped their enjoyment of exceptional food prepared just for them.

With our Home Chef Delivery service, you will be introduced to clients who are seeking something special in your area of expertise. The personal chef will be responsible for discussing the clients preferences and offering a menu tailored to their requirements.

Once a menu has been accepted, you will be required to source all ingredients and to prepare the food in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Depending on the menu and what you have agreed with the client, you may be required to deliver the food in person, arrange for a courier or a PHS courier will carry out the service. 

To find out more about how we can help you to find the perfect chef job, please contact Perfect Household Staff by clicking here to email or phoning: +44(0)203 318 4468. Alternatively please register with us by choosing an option below:

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