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Find an Oxshott Nanny for children of all ages. Oxshott Nanny salary starts at £700.00 per week. Hire an Oxshott nanny with our Oxshott nanny agency and receive a 7 month guarantee.

The perfect temporary and permanent nannies in Oxshott who love to care.

Our international childcare and domestic recruitment agency, Perfect Household Staff specialises in the selection of exclusive Domestic Staff. We place strict requirements on the private staff who we recommend to our families as we know that they represent our name. Over 5,000 families around the world have already visited our Oxshott nanny agency pages. Due to the huge demand for our nanny services, our Oxshott Nanny Recruitment campaign never stops while we continue to raise the quality and standards of our Oxshott nannies.

The world does not stand still and in order to keep up with the times, our Nanny Oxshott must be impeccable at all times. Our Oxshott nannies have a huge knowledge base on how to develop your child and to ensure that they grow up to be a respectable adult. It is our Oxshott Nanny who is able to invest the love and warmth needed to lay the foundation for a strong personality and character. We will continue to run development courses for your Oxshott Nanny following her employment.

Nanny Oxshott who works with primary school children can have: 

  • Pedagogical education;
  • Employment and experience in primary schools and private families;
  • Knowledge of the principles of dietary nutrition;
  • Dietary planning and cooking skills corresponding to children's age;
  • Ability to evoke a child's cognitive interest;
  • Ability to instil good habits and principles of self-service.

A Nanny Oxshott will can have knowledge and experience in effective methods for developing children's motor skills, oral speech and thinking (breathing game exercises aimed at training speech exhalation, musical games that stimulate the start of speech, finger games and finger gymnastics, arts and crafts activities, drawing and exercises to develop logical thinking, etc. 

If your child has difficulty with speech, we can offer you to hire a Nanny Oxshott, who has knowledge in the field of speech therapy and has experience in teaching your child in a playful and engaging way. Our nannies are versatile. Oxshott Nanny Recruitment is conducted all over the world, so an Nanny in Oxshott can speak several languages. 

You can hire an Oxshott nanny for your child by contacting the childcare recruitment team of our Oxshott nanny agency by phone; +44 20 4577 0066 , we will be happy to guide and help you based on our experience.

We have outstanding Oxshott nannies available for you to meet at a moment’s notice, they are ready to discuss the working schedule: full time employment or 2-3-5 times per week for a limited number of hours (part time nanny). Or even just weekends. 

If you would prefer a live in nanny Oxshott, we will find a professional live in nanny. Live in nannies Oxshott will be recruited globally and therefore you will have a better choice range. A live in Oxshott does not have to live in your property but this means that you will provide them with accommodation. Please note, the fact that you will be paying for the nannies accommodation, will not effect their salary.

Maternity Nanny Oxshott for babies up to 4 months. 

Basic Responsibilities list below:

  • Setting up the baby’s room with equipment, toys, clothes etc…
  • Setting sleeping routine
  • Setting feeding routine
  • Bathing, changing nappies
  • Baby laundry
  • Baby massage
  • Attending the baby’s physical needs
  • Assisting the mother with medical and personal requirements

Maternity Nanny salary Oxshott: from £250.00 per day.

Junior Nanny Oxshott for an infant up to 12 months old. 

Basic Responsibilities of a junior Oxshott nanny may include the responsibilities of a an experienced Oxshott nanny and are outlined below (nannies with less than 5 years’ experience are considered junior nannies):

  • Taking over the routines set out by the maternities
  • Transition to solid foods
  • Cooking a feeding
  • Cleaning of the nursery care for children's things (washing and ironing).
  • School runs

Full Time Nanny salary Oxshott from £1,000 a week (junior).

Part time nanny salary Oxshott from £15.00 per hour net (junior).

Temporary nanny salary Oxshott from £15.00 per hour net (junior).

Experienced Nanny Oxshott for child ages 1 year to 12 years.

Basic Responsibilities of an experienced Oxshott nanny will include the responsibilities of a junior Oxshott nanny and are outlined below: 

  • Complete care of the child
  • Planning and carrying with the daily routine
  • Preparing meals according to child’s age, dietary requirement and parents' recommendations.
  • Cleaning the children's room and taking care of your child’s laundry
  • Learning additional languages through games and activities
  • School runs
Full time Nanny salary Oxshott from £1,000 a week.
Part time nanny salary Oxshott from £15.00 per hour net.
Temporary nanny salary Oxshott from £15.00 per hour net.

Childcare Oxshott from a Governess or Tutor

Governess and private tutor responsibilities:

  • Planning lesson and educational activities
  • Knowledge of the curriculum
  • Leasing with schools
  • Teaching manners and etiquette
  • Additional music lessons

A factor which can increase a full time nanny salary Oxshott and / or a part time nanny salary Oxshott is having a driving license and the use of their vehicle for work purposes. For example, Oxshott nannies often recommend visiting Hampton Court Palace, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, Polesden Lacey, etc…

Please take advantage of our experience, expertise and peerless services. Please give our Oxshott childcare department a call on +44 204 577 0066 or complete the Oxshott childcare request form below.

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