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Looking for an experienced nanny? Nanny Agency Leatherhead will help you to quickly Find a Nanny Recruitment Leatherhead. (KT11)

Absolute discretion is practiced by our recruitment in all nanny near Leatherhead jobs. Our nanny agency Leatherhead guarantees fast and professional selection of domestic staff in accordance with your wishes and an individual approach.

The perfect nanny recruitment Leatherhead in your home - a wonderful future for a child.

Our international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff has been providing services for the selection of private staff for more than 15 years: Nanny Leatherhead for a newborn, Nanny Leatherhead live in, governess, travel nanny Leatherhead, nanny with a driving license and other private staff. We are the leading childcare Leatherhead service provider and in domestic staff recruitment.

Why do families choose Perfect Household Staff?

  • Faultless reputation for filling Leatherhead nanny vacancies
  • Terms of Business which protect you
  • Nanny Agency with trusted Leatherhead Nannies
  • Nanny courses including first aid
  • Seamless nanny Leatherhead replacement
  • An extensive guarantee for replacement or your money back

What do we offer?

Hire a Nanny Recruitment Leatherhead for babies.

To work with newborns. If you are looking to hire a Nanny Leatherhead, our Leatherhead nanny agency offers childcare providers with medical background checks, long term experience working with children, Leatherhead nannies with medical training, maternity hospitals, as well as extensive experience in other families with newborns. The main feature of the nanny is a great love for children.

Your Leatherhead nanny will establish a routine for feeding the baby, conduct all kinds of gymnastic and water procedures to help with development. They can even offer baby massage. Our professional nannies will take walks with the child in the fresh air. They will take care of the child at night to establish a sleeping routine. They may have a medical background and our Leatherhead Nanny will always be able to provide first aid.

The duties of a Leatherhead Nanny for a newborn child, by prior arrangement, may include: washing clothes, putting things in order in the children's room. Nanny salary Leatherhead will start at £700 net per week.

Hire a Nanny Recruitment Leatherhead - educator.

A professional Leatherhead nanny must have the appropriate education and considerable private childcare experience. Good understanding of child psychology. Know the subtleties of raising a child as a nanny whilst complying with your requirements. They will know and feel what the child needs. And how to engage the child with developing activities which interest them the most. Your nanny must pay special attention to your child's development. Our Leatherhead nanny may have a teaching, medical or special education background. Nanny near Leatherhead will be able to organise the child's day according to his age. Provide medical assistance if necessary. Will make massage, gymnastics.

A nanny educator salary Leatherhead is from £1,000 net per week.

Hire a Nanny Leatherhead - for disabled children.

We make special demands on our nannies who work with disabled children. In addition to the basic duties of a nanny, a Leatherhead nanny will help the child with movement. As the nanny will provide medical care (doctor's appointment, massage), they must be in good physical shape! They must an educational and practical background in the development of the child to help them feel confident and loved at all times. Nanny Leatherhead for children with disabilities must have a medical background and experience working with a child with a disability.

Hire a Nanny Leatherhead - Governess

For older children in Leatherhead, our Leatherhead nanny agency offers parents to hire a nanny to help with travel, who has impeccable manners and good speech. Responsibilities include accompanying a teenager to a sports, music or art school. A Leatherhead nanny, in order to expand horizons, organises unforgettable excursions - strictly in agreement with parents

Our Leatherhead nanny agency offers all possible scheduling options to hire a nanny Leatherhead, from a few days per week to a 24/7 stay with your family.

Service Delivery Stages:

  1. Our Leatherhead childcare recruitment team will accept the application
  2. You will have time to get acquainted with the terms of the contract
  3. We will discuss your requirements in detail
  4. Our Leatherhead nanny agency will publish your job description whilst practicing discretion
  5. When the Leatherhead nanny is approved by you for an interview or trial day, a contract is concluded
  6. We will help you with setting up a trial and provide you with a contract template

Guarantee Portfolio

  • Nanny near Leatherhead Document Authentication and Recommendation
  • Mandatory testing of nanny near Leatherhead for professionalism with detailed interviews and reference checks
  • Competently drafted contract
  • Transparent terms of business
  • Flexible discounts
  • Free replacement of nanny Leatherhead during the term of the contract (for example, in case of illness).
  • Qualified help Leatherhead Nanny Agency 24/7.

We are waiting for your call!

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