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Our nanny recruitment agency started out as Perfect Nanny and grew to become Perfect Household Staff. Now we offer nanny recruitment services in every major UK city, town and village. With over 10,000 clients trusting in our nanny recruitment services, the Perfect Household Staff family continues to grow.

To build a sterling reputation for our UK city nanny recruitment services has taken many years of dedication, care and diligence. In order to gain trust and prove ourselves to our clients and nannies, we continue to developed our interview, reference checking and document checking techniques throughout our 15 years of dedicated service.
One of the main reasons why families and nannies choose to work with Perfect Household Staff is due to our proven reputation in finding and filling UK city nanny recruitment opportunities. Our reputation is of great importance to our agency. Just as thousands of UK families do on a daily basis, your family can place your trust in our domestic recruitment agency to find you, your perfect nanny.
As a reputable UK city nanny recruitment agency we cover the whole spectrum of nanny placements. You can find the list of childcare services which we provide below:
Our UK city nanny recruitment service has been optimised to represent busy professionals, affluent households and royal families who are seeking to hire a city  nanny. Whether you have recently relocated to a city in the UK or have decided that you simply need additional help, give our recruitment consultants a call on +44(0)2033184468.
Our current UK city nanny recruitment projects can be found on our nanny jobs blog.

What is the difference between hiring a nanny in the city and hiring a nanny in the countryside?

If you are new to employing a nanny or have recently relocated from the countryside to the city, you may find the following information useful. Here, we will try to expand on several aspects which make hiring a city nanny different to hiring a countryside nanny.

The UK city nanny salary:

The nannie's costs of living in a city in comparison to the cost of living in the countryside will be higher due to the following factors:

  • Accommodation (Rent or Mortgage)
  • Travel Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Cost of general entertainment

Nanny Character:

City: What will make the time that your children spend with their city nanny more fun and enjoyable is that UK city nannies will have a strong nanny network. City nannies are generally more social and your children will learn to socialise with others because of it. Whether you want your children to socialise with your friend's children or you are generally open, you can rest assured that our nannies will be comfortable in looking after several children.

Countryside: Nannies in rural locations such as towns and villages will usually have a good network set up with your child's school and next door neighbours. They will normally be very good at spending time on a one to one basis with your children and are experts at keeping them engaged. Countryside nannies will be content with spending time by themselves and lead a less social life stile.

Knowledge of local activities:

City: Our city nannies will have good knowledge of your local area well. Finding fun and educational activities for your child's development will be second nature for our nannies. They will know local kids clubs, theаtres, parks and museums. You can rest assured that your children will spend quality time with our nannies during their holidays and time away from nursery or school.

Countryside: Whether you hire a local nanny or a nanny live in, usually it will be your responsibility to explain to them your child's routine and after school activities.

Use of local transport:

City: Our city nannies will have good knowledge of local public transport and can always use the city's taxi services giving them the ability to travel freely. This makes school runs very manageable.

Countryside: Countryside nannies must have a driving license to get around.

Rural nanny jobs are great for nannies who are comfortable to work in remote locations. Often rural nanny vacancies will require the nanny to drive as there will be fewer child friendly activities close by and the school run will also take time. Rural nanny jobs can often offer live in accommodation and benefits such as use of a car.

Whether you are hiring for a city nanny or a rural nanny, it is important that you evaluate your personal preferences in terms of the nannies salary, character, duties and working days / hours. As a reputable and responsible agency, we always do our best to match the families and our nannies for long term, quality employment. We value and understand that children do not like changes.

List of UK Cities covered by Perfect Household Staff:

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