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Parenting is a skilful craft, especially when you are with your child without a 5 minute break, all day, every day. It takes a lot of time and energy, you struggle to find time for socialising and even get behind on work. Fortunately, our nanny agency Pangbourne comes to the rescue! Providing our nanny services Pangbourne for over 15 years has returned the love and joy to many families.

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Do you need more personal time to complete your daily tasks and has fatigue accumulated over several years? A way to deal with these feelings is to hire a nanny Pangbourne with the help of our nanny agency Pangbourne.

Our nanny agency Pangbourne ensures that every nanny is passionate about working with children. Just as every family, every nanny is different. Our nanny recruitment Pangbourne guarantees to offer you a choice of nannies who have experience and enjoy working with children of your child's age group. We are so confident in our nanny services Pangbourne that offer a 12 week guarantee period.

Our recommended nanny Pangbourne will always find the right approach to your child and have more than enough energy, patience and endurance to last throughout the day. Your nanny Pangbourne will spend most of their time in your home and with your children where they can even help with housekeeping and other tasks. 

Along with a passion for their work and a genuine interest in the well-being and development of children, Nanny Pangbourne possesses:


Nanny Pangbourne, who works with very young children, requires patience and understanding.

Kindness and Sensitivity

A nanny Pangbourne must be open and sincere as children thrive in a positive environment. Not indifferent to the daily problems and disappointments of the child, but encouraging and affectionate. 


A Pangbourne nanny must be understanding and friendly, with the ability to calmly convey any information in a simple and understandable language for children. The need for good communication between the nanny and the child is of paramount importance, as is communication with parents.

Ability to work well under pressure

Childcare Pangbourne: looking after one or more children, as well as cooking, cleaning and looking after pets and all at the same time, your nanny Pangbourne will require not only concentration and attention, but also the ability to be as efficient and multi-tasking as possible, especially under pressure of being responsible for your child.


Children are not distinguished by consistency - they always need something new. They are lively, energetic, spontaneous, that's why our nanny services Pangbourne are based on ingenuity and great imagination. The resourceful nanny Pangbourne will make your children laugh or divert their attention to new activities when needed.


A Pangbourne nanny must be a person who can easily adapt to change in their working environment in order to do their job affectively and efficiently with a positive attitude.


We all know that sometimes there is a need to stay longer at work or with friends. Emergency situations happen and that is why, our nanny agency Pangbourne offers nannies who are flexible and can adapt to any given situation.

Our nanny agency Pangbourne will help you to hire a nanny Pangbourne for several hours per day, for school runs or help with homework, if needed, we will find a nanny Pangbourne with housekeeping skills, who is a confident driver and has additional qualities which you need!

If you live further out, we can help find a nanny near Pangbourne. At your request, our nanny agency Pangbourne will help you to hire a nanny near Pangbourne, who has a driver's license and a long history of accident-free driving. Our nanny agency Pangbourne operates internationally and we can therefore find professional nannies anywhere in the world who speak a second language fluently. A nanny search Pangbourne does not have to be "standard", for example: we can find a mandarin speaking nanny Pangbourne who has experience with newborns and is a confident driver. In any case, our Pangbourne nanny recruitment will carried out based only on your wishes and requirements.

Let us turn your nanny search Pangbourne into a pleasurable experience!

Choose our nanny services Pangbourne! And get quality childcare Pangbourne, with the help of the international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" for the selection of professional childcare providers. We have been working with professional childcare providers for over 15 years. Over 3,000 families internationally trust our nanny recruitment services. The best feedback and testimonials from employers, their trust and recommendations are the best reward that we can have!

Please call our recruitment team on: +44(0)204 577 0066 and we will answer any childcare Pangbourne questions that you may have.

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