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Nanny Services Ascot. A nanny agency Ascot, indispensable for parents in finding professional nanny recruitment Ascot. (SL5)

Trying to find a nanny Ascot? We offer professional and trusted nanny services Ascot, all nannies with outstanding references. Our nanny services Ascot will help you find the perfect nanny for your child.

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Our international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff will help you the selection of professional childcare providers, founded in 2006, we offer Ascot nanny recruitment services. Over 15 years in Ascot nanny recruitment, our nanny agency Ascot has helped thousands of families around the world.

By providing professional childcare Ascot, we have truly earned a reputation which has helped us to grow from a nanny agency Ascot to an international domestic staffing agency with over 15,000 domestic staff. That being said, we have never forgotten our childcare roots.

Our first client's children have already grown up and have become successful young adults. We are proud of the fact that we continue our relationship with our  families and provide help and support whenever we are needed. In childcare recruitment, one of the most pleasing aspects for our nanny agency Ascot, is the knowledge that our nannies have educated, mentored and helped raise some fantastic people. We know that once those young adults are ready, they will also choose to hire a nanny Ascot with the help of Perfect Household Staff.

If you are super busy in your personal and professional life, if you need an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands, if you want your child to be confident and happy when they spend quality time with their relaxed parents, then we are at your service! Our nanny agency Ascot is guaranteed to help you to find a nanny Ascot - a true professional who is flexible, diligent, caring, reliable and fun for your child to spend time with.

What does out nanny recruitment agency Ascot consider throughout the nanny recruitment Ascot process?

  • The Child's Needs
  • The Family's Requirements
  • The Nanny's Requirements

Our nanny recruitment Ascot service allows parents to hire a nanny Ascot for children of all ages. A maternity nanny for a new born or an excellent nanny for children from 1 years old and up to the age of 14 or alternatively a governess for children from 4 years old to 16 years old. And of course, there are also tutors available. 

Maternity nannies are nannies who have professional experience working with new born babies. It is easy to confuse a maternity nanny with a maternity nurse and it can be considered an additional skill as apposed to a profession. A maternity nurse however, is a professional who has had years of training and has a wealth of knowledge and techniques which they can pass over to young parents.

Key Responsibility:

The key responsibility of any Ascot nanny is to ensure compliance with the daily routine set by the parents. Ensuring the child's safety and wellbeing at all times. The Ascot nanny will make sure that your child eats on time, follows all the proper hygiene procedures and sleeps on time. Although a routine may sound boring or daunting, it is the Ascot nanny's job to make everything a fun and exiting for your child whilst ensuring that they are developing the key skills which will help them as an adult.

Basic Ascot Nanny Duties:

A nanny hired from a nanny agency Ascot, will carry out the following duties:

  • Attention and positive emotions for your child
  • Plan and take part in outdoor physical activities such as walking, sports, play centres, swimming etc..
  • Organising leisure activities such as theatre visits, museums, after school clubs etc...
  • Paediatric first aid
  • Introduce developing games
  • Cleaning the child's room
  • Washing and ironing of the children's clothes
  • Cooking for the children

Additional Ascot Nanny Duties:

Our nanny recruitment Ascot service will find professional nannies with pedagogical education from the UK or abroad. Our Ascot nanny will get your child involved in developing activities by introducing them to the world around them, singing songs and learning poems. Every one of our nanny agency Ascot nannies will give your child a lot of attention and positive emotions.
Driving skills are a huge bonus and are considered as an additional duty. Ascot nannies who are confident drivers are paid a slightly higher salary.
Helping with homework, is also considered an additional duty because although every one of our nanny agency Ascot nannies will provide care and love for your child, not every nanny can help with homework.
If you need a nanny who will also keep the house in order and ensure general cleanliness, prepare meals for the whole family, this position is called a "nanny housekeeper" and our nanny agency Ascot will find you the right nanny housekeeper who will be happy to carry out these additional Ascot nanny duties. But our nanny recruitment Ascot services do not end there.

Our nanny agency Ascot will help you to find a nanny Ascot with a teaching and / or medical background. Ascot nannies with an educational or medical background know and practice child development methods for children based on their age and current development. They have experience working in private  families, nursery or school. Our Ascot nanny will gain your child's trust, motivate them and get the child's interest when teaching them how to draw, paint, sculpt, read, sing, play instruments, learn languages and many other skills.

At your request, we will start your Ascot nanny recruitment, and provide you with professional Ascot nanny CVs.


  • Cooking and feeding children;
  • Games for the development of the child;
  • Washing and ironing children's clothes;
  • Outdoor activities;
  • School runs;
  • Acquaintance with the world of the environment;
  • Bathing children and basic hygiene procedures;
  • Cleaning the children's rooms and putting away toys;
  • At the request of parents, visits to children's school and communicate with the teachers;

For children 4 years old and above, our Ascot nanny agency would suggest to hire a nanny Ascot who has a teaching background and experience working in private families, kindergarten or elementary school. Our nanny services Ascot are focused on child development and school readiness. A nanny Ascot should be an educator and a role model for older children. They will discover and strengthen the your child's talents, instil a love of creativity, teach self-discipline, clean toys, fold clothes, and so on to help your child become independent and self aware.

Only professional people with a certain type of character can work and become a nanny Ascot. The necessary qualities of a specialist are patience, responsibility, accuracy, sociability, attentiveness, good background, stress resistance and the ability to be flexible and understanding. Luckily for us, we have over 12,000 private domestic staff registered with our agency.

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