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Our international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff has been recruiting Domestic Staff since 2008 in the UK, and from 2009 we have been recruiting private staff around the world. We are one of the top ranking for nanny agency Berkshire and are the top boutique private recruitment company for nanny search Berkshire. We only offer professional Berkshire nanny services in recruitment and aptitude of our nannies. For over fifteen years we have been serving our returning families in the UK and their properties abroad. Our nanny agency Berkshire is now providing nannies to the children which our nannies brought up as they have started their own families.

Among our regular clients: celebrities and public figures, politicians and businessmen and now with our Post a Job service, everyone who needs an extra pair of hands at home.

Our nanny agency Berkshire recruitment consultants are constantly continue training and development throughout their employment at Perfect Household Staff. We believe that this is our secret to providing first rate Berkshire nanny recruitment services.

Thanks to our the professional, reliable and experienced workforce, our recruitment team work at optimal capacity with no more than three job openings per consultant at any one time, making your nanny search Berkshire even more tailored and efficient. If you contact our nanny agency Berkshire, you are guaranteed to feel the level of service, your personal recruitment manager will dedicate their time to your Berkshire nanny recruitment for as long as it takes.

We will organise a fast but thorough nanny search Berkshire, thanks to special software that allows us to significantly speed up the work of recruiters, especially in the case of non-standard requirements (Berkshire Nanny Recruitment with rare and unique requirements). All the nanny Berkshire and nanny near Berkshire at are subject to document and background checks as well as criminal records through a network of security organisations.

If you need Berkshire childcare services urgently, you will find a nanny Berkshire with PHS - contact our nanny agency Berkshire today. Under contract, you will have a 12 week guarantee period to replace the nanny Berkshire for free or your money back. We also provide discounts for permanent and returning families.

We will help to find a nanny Berkshire for any specific requirements and wishes

Do you need help around the house? - Our nanny agency Berkshire will select a nanny housekeeper who is not only a professional nanny but also an experienced housekeeper. With our nanny services Berkshire, you can take the stress out of household chores as much as possible to give more attention to your child.

Do you have a large family and need a second pair of hands? - Our Berkshire nanny or our nanny near Berkshire will take care of two or more children! To develop a child's creative talents our nanny agency Berkshire will search for a Berkshire nanny with musical, artistic background and education.

For easy foreign language learning - Find a nanny Berkshire who speaks with your children in her native language but at the same time, you will feel secure in her taking your children to doctor appointments and helping with homework. We have many multilingual nannies registered with our Berkshire nanny agency.

Thanks to a huge database (over 11,000 candidates) we will help you to hire a nanny Berkshire or a nanny near Berkshire, from Europe, from China, Russia, Philippines, etc.

What will our Nanny Services Berkshire guarantee?

Our nanny agency Berkshire guarantee that our Berkshire nannies can carry out the following duties to the highest standards:
  • Take care of the child and keep them safe.
  • Prepare food for the children, feed them, clean the dining area, as well as control the child's nutrition, drawing up a correct and balanced menu. Naturally, the menu is approved by the parents.
  • Take care of the child, carry out all the necessary hygiene procedures, if necessary, treat the child as prescribed by the doctor. Monitor the cleanliness of hands and clothes, as well as the cleanliness of toys, chairs and other items that surround the child.
  • Inform parents about the need to stock up on baby food or diapers.
  • Follow the daily routine.
  • Keep order in the nursery and everywhere in the apartment where the child is.
  • Walk with the child, depending on the weather and the child's condition.
  • During the trip, pay attention to whether there are children next to the child with obvious signs of a cold, and, more importantly, strongly “ill-mannered” children or their parents, who may somehow negatively affect the ward. If necessary, change the place of travel.
  • Immediately inform parents of all incidents with the child: falls, bruises, animal bites, etc…
  • Will be patient, consistent, calm and confident in dealing with the child.
  • Regularly participate in developing activities with the child: reading, drawing, arts and crafts. Not forgetting about classes for the development of hand motor skills, memory, thinking, attention, imagination, endurance.
  • By personal example will teach the child cleanliness, order, accuracy, decency.

The international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" will be happy to help you find a professional Childcare Berkshire, represented by Nanny Berkshire.

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