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Find a Nanny Poole for your child

Looking for a professional nanny agency in Poole to find a caregiver for your child? Look no further than Perfect Household Staff, an international recruitment agency with over 15 years of experience in Poole Nanny Recruitment. We specialise in helping families find the perfect nanny for their child, regardless of age.

How Our Nanny Agency Poole Select the Perfect Nannies

To ensure the safety and professionalism of our nannies, our nanny agency Poole subject all candidates to a rigorous screening process. This includes psychological testing to determine the nanny's sociability, temperament, household skills, and behaviour, as well as an interview to assess their competence, professionalism, and ability to handle dangerous situations. Our nanny agency Pool eensure to also check the nanny's documentation, including their passport and medical certificates.
Our ideal candidate for the position of Nanny Poole has a pedagogical and/or medical education, as well as personal qualities such as love for children, patience, empathy, compassion, attentiveness, and sensitivity. They should also have knowledge of child psychology, educational games, and emergency care.
Our full Nanny Services Poole include preparing baby food, maintaining order and cleanliness in the children's room, caring for the child's clothes, taking them on walks and outdoor games, and escorting them to and from school or other activities. If you live near Poole, we can also help you find a nanny with a driver's license for safe transportation.

Nanny Salary in Poole

Nanny Salary Poole is calculated based on the nanny's qualifications, experience, and additional responsibilities. If you are unsatisfied with your nanny within 12 weeks, our nanny agency Poole offer a free replacement or a rebate of the fees.

Requirements for candidates Nanny Poole

  • Availability of pedagogical and/or medical education
  • The passport
  • Medical certificates on the state of health (at your request, Nanny Poole may undergo additional medical examinations (for example, a gynecologist, dermatologist, etc.)

Personal qualities that must be present in Nanny Poole:

  • Love for children
  • Patience
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Attentiveness and sensitivity

Skills and knowledge

  • Ability to get along with children
  • Knowledge of educational games
  • Knowledge of the rules for the provision of emergency care).
  • Knowledge of child psychology
  • Knowledge of methods of child development by age

Nanny Services Poole

  • Full Childcare Poole
  • Preparing baby food, feeding
  • Order and cleanliness in the children's room, including toys
  • Caring for the child's clothes (washing, ironing)
  • Walks and outdoor games
  • Escort to and from school, to children's activities
  • Ensuring the safety of the child

Let us help you find a nanny for your child in Poole. With our years of experience and commitment to professionalism, we are confident that our nanny agency Poole will find the perfect caregiver for your children. In order for us to start Nanny Search Poole, you need to leave a request on our website or call: +44(0)204 577 0066

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