UK Nanny Recruitment

UK Nanny Recruitment

Our UK nanny agency specialise in UK nanny recruitment and we have built a sterling reputation with thousands of families who trust in our professional and peerless service. Our UK nanny recruitment service provides temporary, permanent, live in, part time, full time and rota nanny search.

As a boutique and specialist UK nanny agency, we only provide reliable, vetted and career nannies. The vacancies which we choose to publish will offer a salary slightly above the market rate due to the quality and expectations of our nannies.

Our UK nanny recruitment agency guarantee the longevity of the nanny and family relationship.

A perfect Nanny in the United Kingdom for your children.

The UK Nanny who we provide will be unique, experienced and reliable. Our UK nannies have all the necessary qualities to help your child feel safe, happy and comfortable.

Our international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff began with the search of Private Staff in the UK and we will make every effort to find you a fantastic Nanny in the United Kingdom who meets all your requirements. All candidates offered by our UK Nanny Agency have experience and qualifications as a professional Nanny United Kingdom.

Perfect Household Staff, a specialist UK nanny agency offer professional childcare providers in the UK with pedagogical background, musical education, with practical experience in preschool, schools and medical institutions, as well as a minimum of 5 years experience working in families around the world.

The advantages of our UK nanny agency:

We hold the number one spot for the quality of our recruitment services in the selection of Private Staff around the world. Our database contains more than 15,000 verified profiles of Domestic Staff, with real and positive recommendations.

Our UK Nanny Agency implement the techniques used by the leading UK security consultants when checking the authenticity of the documents and references. On request, we are able to check the following:

  • Enhanced DBS check (for criminal records)
  • Verification of certificates and psychiatric examination
  • Medical examination
  • On the request of the employer and with the nannies consent, we conduct additional medical examination, including a gynaecologist, dermatologist and an express test for the presence of psychotropic drugs. 
  • Provision of a nanny contract which families can use when hiring a nanny. You are welcome to download our free employer’s checklist.
  • We provide assistance during the salary negotiations stage and ensure that a fair salary is offered and accepted. 
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality throughout the UK nanny recruitment process.

Our UK nanny agency stays on top of the latest trends in recruitment service delivery, security and constantly attends courses to gain new knowledge and professionalism. We run development courses for our housekeepers, governesses and nannies in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom Nanny Agency offers 7 types of Nanny UK who are ready to be hired: 

Our UK Nanny Agency ensures that the UK nanny who we recommend will know the following: 

  • Knowledge and experience of professional child care.
  • Knowledge of complex development programs by age. For example: Parents are offered several methods for the development of speech, motor skills for the smallest.
  • Carrying out the necessary hygiene procedures, including hand washing and bathing
  • Following a paediatricians or doctors’ orders
  • Organisation of the child’s daily routine in accordance with their development and parent’s requirements
  • Cooking balanced meals which have been approved by the
  • Knowledge of UK table manners is a must for all nannies
  • How to care for a child’s wardrobe (washing, ironing).

Some UK Nannies speak two or more languages, thanks to which they can offer to teach your children a foreign language in a fun and playful way, this contributes to the development of memory and the unique ability to speak and think in two or more languages! It is also especially useful for families which have relocated and want to keep their child in communicating in their native language.

Our UK nanny agency can guarantee that we will find a professional nanny for your children, a professional UK nanny whom you will feel comfortable to leave your child with. With full knowledge that your child will be safe and happy.

A UK Nanny work schedule is based solely on your requirements: 

  • A single visit
  • Several visits during the week with long term employment
  • Full time nanny with up to 12 hours per day
  • Proxy parenting around-the-clock with accommodation provided. 

You can also request that your UK Nanny has the following:

  • With a medical education / experience (massage course, speech therapist, defect ologist, etc.).
  • With a pedagogical direction for any focus of study. (for example, science, languages, musical, creative - drawing, modelling, learning foreign languages, etc.)

 During school holidays a sort after nanny is a Traveling UK Nanny.

Our UK Nanny Agency can provide a Traveling Nanny UK if requested:

The UK nanny will accompany the family while traveling and can even prepare an educational program for the children in visiting historical locations, entertaining places with or without parents in the UK, as well as traveling to Switzerland, Monaco, the South of France, UAE, Dubai, USA, Russia etc. 

The program of travelling with the family is discussed with parents individually and accommodation must be provided for the nanny when they are leaving their country of residence.

Our international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff offers you our recruitment services in helping you to hire a Nanny UK, we also provide assistance in the selection of all Domestic Staff. We offer you the confidence that in any situation, you will have our recruiters and our domestic staff to rely on!

Are you searching for UK Nanny Recruitment Agency?

Our UK nanny recruitment agency is located in Mayfair, the heart of London and we have been based in the centre of London for over a decade. Primarily, this means that our families and nannies have a variety of travel options to visit our nanny recruitment team. Our UK nanny jobs are advertised on our UK Nanny Recruitment blog.

As a reputable UK nanny agency, Perfect Household Staff value and take care of the families who put their trust in us. If you choose to use our UK nanny recruitment agency, you can rest assured that our recruiters will go "above and beyond" to find you your next perfect nanny. To speak with our UK nanny recruitment team, please call +(44)2045770066.

What to expect from the Top UK Nanny Recruitment Agency?

All top UK nanny recruitment agencies will publish nanny jobs on a weekly bases in the UK and internationally. This is due to the families who we look after, often living internationally. Due to this, we also provide nannies who can proxy parent.

We value our families and tailor the nannies CVs to bring out the information you need and if needed will help with interviews. Our UK nanny recruitment agency will provide you with a template of a nanny contract and supporting you throughout and beyond the recruitment process.

To register with Perfect Household Staff and start receiving CVs you can complete our childcare request form or call us today. You may also be interested to take a look at our minimal requirements for nannies to register with our UK nanny agency.

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Perfect Household Staff Calculators:

If you would like to work out how much your nanny will be earning, please use our Nanny Salary Calculator.
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