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UK Nanny Jobs 2024

The Top UK Nanny Jobs 2024 - Available with Perfect Household Staff!

Nanny jobs in the UK are positions where individuals provide care for children in a family's home on a full-time or part-time basis. Nannies are responsible for ensuring the children's safety, preparing meals, assisting with homework, engaging children in activities, and maintaining a clean and safe environment. 

To become a nanny in the UK, individuals must have a childcare qualification, experience working with children, and a valid DBS check. The salary for a nanny in the UK can range from £18,000 to £75,000 per year, depending on experience and location. For temporary or part time roles, the salary will be calculated using an hourly rate.

Nanny agencies such as Perfect Household Staff and online job boards are the most common ways to find nanny jobs in the UK. It is also possible to find nanny jobs 2024 through networking or referrals from other families.

  • Live-in Nanny Jobs 2024: Live-in nannies are in high demand because they offer more flexibility to families. They are also preferred by parents who have busy schedules and require round-the-clock assistance.
  • Bilingual or Multilingual Nanny Jobs 2024: With the UK's growing international community, bilingual or multilingual nannies who can speak languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, and French are in high demand.
  • Nanny with Early Childhood Education Training: Parents may increasingly look for nannies who have formal training or experience in early childhood education to help their children achieve developmental milestones.
  • Nanny with Special Needs Experience: Nannies with experience in caring for children with special needs, such as autism or ADHD, are in high demand.
  • Part-Time Nanny Jobs 2024: As remote work becomes more common, parents may seek nannies who can work part-time or provide services on an as-needed basis.
  • Travel Nanny Jobs 2024: With more families traveling for work or leisure, the demand for travel nannies who can accompany families on trips is expected to increase.
  • Nanny with Cooking Skills: Nannies who can cook nutritious and healthy meals for children are in high demand.
  • Nanny with Pedagogical Background: Nannies who are proficient at managing children's schedules, educational activities, and communication with parents are in high demand.
We are urgently looking for professional nannies to apply for our nanny jobs in England. This page has been created to show you our top nanny jobs in England 2024! Alternatively, you can find our full list of nanny jobs here: PHS Nanny Jobs

What you need to apply:

  • 3 Years of private housekeeper experience;
  • 2 Written and Verbally checkable references;
  • Proof of Address;
  • Identification Documents;
  • Acceptance to apply for a DBS check!


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