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nanny jobs mayfair

Nanny Jobs Mayfair:

Mayfair is an affluent residential area in the heart of London, bordering Hyde Park. The nanny jobs Mayfair are considered to be the most sort after vacancies as they offer excellent job packages and self development opportunities.

To apply for the Nanny jobs Mayfair, it is important to find out if you meet our minimal criteria here. Due to the vacancies being highly competitive, it is important that you not only meet our minimal criteria but are truly above the mark. To book an appointment to visit our Nanny agency Mayfair and to discuss the Nanny jobs in Mayfair, you are welcome to give our recruiters a call or to register with us today.

All Mayfair nanny agency jobs which are published on our website offer security and contract of employment as is a legally required by law. Often we will help families who are traveling and therefore apart time nanny job may be offered, our recruiters can provide you with a contract template which you can use when offering your services to the families and to ensure that everything is above board.

Prior to your CV being submitted for Nanny jobs Mayfair, you will need to register with Perfect Household Staff by completing a registration form and attending an interview with a recruitment consultant.

Trying to find Mayfair Nanny Jobs?

Searching for Nanny jobs in Mayfair? Our nanny jobs Mayfair can be found on our jobs board and you are always welcome to give our recruiters a call. Hundreds of professional nannies in London will turn to our Nanny agency Mayfair to help them find their next Mayfair nanny job.

We are continuously publishing nanny jobs for professional private nannies in Mayfair. Please use the below jobs to see the vacancies which are currently available:

For register with our Nanny agency Mayfair, you will need to have a minimum of 3 years experience in a domestic nanny job. For you to find suitable Nanny jobs in Mayfair, your experience must speak for itself. Our recruitment consultants working on Nanny jobs in Mayfair are experienced and offer a peerless service to all nannies. The recruiters will do everything possible to help you apply and find your next nanny job.

It is absolutely free to search to register and to search our Nanny jobs in Mayfair and the UK. Perfect Household Staff have an extensive client list of families based in Mayfair who trust our Mayfair nanny agency to find them their next perfect nanny. The entire recruitment process is completely free of charge for our lovely nannies.

Following your application and or registration, Perfect Household Staff will invite you for an interview with our consultants and the Mayfair nanny job search will begin.

Just as we will check your employment history, our recruiters will always ask your potential employers for the reasons behind their previous Nanny leaving their job. 

Other than our reputable Mayfair Nanny agency, there are other many other ways to find Nanny jobs. There are plenty of Nanny vacancies published on various job boards such as indeed, gumtree and LinkedIn as well as social media.

What are the salaries in Nanny Jobs Mayfair?

The salaries currently available in Nanny jobs Mayfair will start at 15.00 GBP / Hour Net per hour and can can reach £79,000.00 Gross / year or above.

Applying for Nanny Jobs in Mayfair?

The application process for our Mayfair Nanny agency is simple. To apply for Nanny jobs in Mayfair, you have three options:

  1. The easiest and the simplest option is to email your CV to . It will take time for our recruitment team to process your application and due to high volumes of applicants there is a chance of it being missed.
  2. You can register with Perfect Household Staff by filling out our candidate registration form (ensure to attach your CV) and we will reach out to you. This will require a little more effort but will not be as effective as option 3.  
  3. You can visit our Nanny jobs in Mayfair board and choose the vacancies which are interesting to you. Here you will be able to apply for those jobs by registering and your profile will be automatically associated with the vacancy.

Following application for Nanny Jobs in Mayfair

  1. We will review your CV and private Nanny experience. If you are successful, our recruiters will contact you to schedule an interview.
  2. We will contact you to arrange an interview which will be carried out virtually or face to face.
  3. You will be requested to submit other documents required for registration prior to the interview (if you have not done so already). The list of documents can be found in the registration form.

Nanny Agency Mayfair Interviews:

Other than looking at your CV, our recruiters have the responsibility to get to know you better. During the interview, they will ask questions about your nanny experience and what you would consider to be your dream job. Secondly our nanny agency Mayfair have the responsibility to our families to check that your documentation is in order so, please have the required documents with you.

Following the receipt of your CV and documentation, an email from our Mayfair nanny agency will be sent to you, requesting a time frame of your availability for interview. In order to not miss your opportunity, please reply to this email diligently.

You will be interviewed by a member of the Perfect Household Staff London interview team and following this, you will be able to apply for multiple Mayfair Nanny jobs and other boroughs of London.

When your interview is confirmed, our Nanny agency Mayfair will email you a list of questions asking about your professional experience. You can either complete and return this document or prepare yourself to answer those questions during the interview.

Nanny Agency Mayfair Reference Checks:

It is our agencies' responsibility to carry out a minimum of two reference checks. Other than a reference document in writing, it is our responsibility to also check them verbally.

A reference check will only be completed if we are given your explicit permission.

What to Expect from an Established Nanny Agency Mayfair?

A peerless service to all nannies shall be provided by our nanny agency Mayfair. If you are thinking about joining our Mayfair nanny team, you can expect to be well looked after by our Mayfair recruitment team.

You can Expect...

We will help you with CV tailoring to ensure that your CV matched a job description that you are applying for. We will help prepare you for the  interviews with new employers and even help you with finding the location if needed. On the morning of an interview with an employer, our recruiters will contact you and assist you with route planning and address any issues you may have.

Other than expecting to help you with travel arrangements, our Nanny agency Mayfair will go through the job description and if needed, assist you with the dress code.

As you may have applied for several Nanny jobs in Mayfair, you will need to make your decision quickly on which job you want to choose. You can expect our Nanny agency Mayfair to contact you with the employers feedback following the interview at their nearest opportunity.

A top Nanny agency Mayfair will advise and support all successful applicants in salary negotiation which will be based on your experience and professionalism. Should you be successful in your application for our Nanny jobs in Mayfair, you can expect a top Nanny agency Mayfair to assist and support you throughout the recruitment process.

We always welcome feedback from our applicants for Nanny jobs in Mayfair following the interview and during employment. 

How to Choose Private Nanny Jobs in Mayfair?

For your personal health and wellbeing, it is important that you enjoy your job. Below is a short list of which can help you to choose the right Nanny job in Mayfair tailored to your needs.

Important Choices:

  • Salary: Mayfair Nanny jobs often offer a higher than average salary however, the employers will only consider applicants with extensive private Nanny experience. They will expect the highest level of service and professionalism at all times.
  • Working Schedule: although Nanny jobs in Mayfair offer fantastic salaries, it is important to consider the working hours. Usually anything over 55 hours per week would be considered too much.
  • Employer: it is important to understand who you will be working for in a Mayfair Nanny jobs. The employer must always be polite, reliable and you must generally have a nice feeling about them when meeting for the first time.
  • Travelling Distance: before applying for Nanny jobs in Mayfair, please ensure to consider the amount of time that it would take you to travel to and from work. Please also make sure to consider the travelling costs.
  • Employment Contract: as a private Nanny in Mayfair, you should always request a formal contract of employment from the employer. Our Nanny agency only offer Mayfair Nanny jobs with a contract of employment.
  • Other Benefits: some Nanny jobs in Mayfair will offer additional benefits such the use of a car, a taxi when travelling home late, a telephone.

*Filling out a Mayfair Nanny jobs registration form will take a couple of minutes*

Mayfair Nanny Registration Form

Perfect Household Staff Calculators:

If you would like to work out how much you will be earning, please use our Nanny Salary Calculator.
If you would like to work out how a your holiday entitlement, please use our Holiday Entitlement Calculator.

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