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Where to find Nanny Jobs in Kensington?

Perfect Household Staff offer a range of Nanny jobs in Kensington, professional nannies can find our vacancies on our jobs board, social media and other recruitment platforms. If you are trying to find a nanny job in Kensington, you are at the right place.

Over a decade, our childcare agency has been specialising in finding perfect Kensington nanny jobs for our candidates. Please use the below jobs to see the vacancies which are currently available:

Professional Nannies who are registered with Perfect Household Staff regularly see new vacancies published on our Kensington Nanny jobs board on a daily basis. Depending on how you complete your registration form, you will receive emails with new nanny vacancies on a daily basis.

Other than completing the registration form, you will be required to attend an interview prior to applying for our Kensington nanny jobs, providing that you meet our minimal requirements

Other than being registered with our agency, it is advisable for candidates to register with as many professional domestic recruitment agencies as possible and always keep an eye on various job boards such as: Indeed or LinkedIn and Gumtree as well as using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to secure Nanny Jobs in Kensington?

As Kensington nanny jobs are some of the most sort after positions, to secure a nanny job in Kensington it is vital that your CV is up to date and is specifically tailored to the Kensington nanny job that you are applying for. You can count on our recruiters support throughout this process.

Before an interview with our Kensington nanny agency, you can help our recruiters to understand your relevant work experience by personally tailoring your CV. Unfortunately, our recruiters will not be able to fully tailor your CV to a job as they do not know all of your experience as well as you do.

It is important to read and understanding what the Kensington Nanny job requires from the nanny. Understanding what duties will be required of you and reflecting the relevant experience from your previous roles within your CV. For advice on how to best reflect your skills, our Kensington nanny agency welcome you to speak with our Kensington Nanny department today.

Many families located in Kensington will consider Nannies who have previously worked in Kensington and know the area well. This gives your potential new employer an understanding that they will not have to teach you everything about local child friendly activities, travel arrangements and other aspects. Always take your time to research the area before attending an interview with the parents.

There must be a personality match between you and the family, it is important that you share similar principals on raising children and the parents need to feel comfortable with inviting you in to their home on a daily basis.

When speaking with our Kensington nanny agency, please feel free to enquire about interview techniques and advice on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

The benefits of Nanny Jobs Kensington?

The salary in Kensington Nanny jobs is often higher than that of a Nanny working outside of London however, you will also need to understand that your travel and food costs will be higher. We have built a great tool to help you understand how nanny salary and tax is calculated, please use this link and use our nanny salary calculator.

During school holidays and if the principals are not travelling without you, your day will always be busy and physically demanding however, you will have paid a paid holiday allowance when the principals travel or your duties will be more relaxed whilst they are away. Please use this link to find out more about your holiday allowance.

In a non-formal household, other than being able to manage your day with the children by yourself, you will have a lot of flexibility with the working hours providing that you have built a great relationship with your employer.

What to expect from a Kensington Nanny Agency?

A professional Nanny agency Kensington will always ensure to look after their nannies and provide support throughout the recruitment process. The recruitment consultants working at the Kensington nanny agency will always help you with:

  • CV Tailoring
  • Interview Techniques
  • Travel Arrangements 
  • Employment Legislation
  • Tax and Salary Calculation

As a professional Nanny agency Kensington, Perfect Household Staff will go above and beyond to ensure that you find your perfect nanny job with the support and dedication of our professional childcare team.

*Filling out a Kensington Nanny jobs registration form will take a couple of minutes*

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Perfect Household Staff Calculators:

If you would like to work out how much you will be earning, please use our Nanny Salary Calculator.
If you would like to work out how a your holiday entitlement, please use our Holiday Entitlement Calculator.

If you are looking for Nanny jobs, please use the links below:

Find our available Nanny jobs here.

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Nanny Jobs in Kensington Maps:

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