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Looking to find the best housekeeper agency? Welcome to our home! Our agency offers the best housekeeper recruitment in the UK and internationally, our housekeepers provide the best housekeeper services around the world.

According to our discerning clients, we are the top housekeeper agency for the selection of private housekeepers, our services have developed over the past decade to help us become the best housekeeper agency in the UK, who also offer international housekeeper recruitment services. Perfect Household Staff goes above and beyond to deliver perfect recruitment services. Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves, our agency is deservedly taking the leading position in the race to become the top housekeeper agency 2023. We thank everyone for acknowledging and appreciating the work of our recruitment team and are ready to reveal the secret of how we became the best housekeeper agency UK.

The secret to becoming the top housekeeper agency 2023

It is simple, our professional recruitment team devote hundreds of hours on a weekly basis to search for the best private housekeepers available. We focus on several aspects of recruitment and continue to strive for perfection:

  • We ensure to dedicate our time and resources to ensure your comfort, convenience and safety;
  • Our recruitment team consists of senior private recruitment professionals with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the private sector;
  • All employer information is kept entirely confidential throughout the process;
  • We publish our vacancies on hundreds of websites;
  • Our team work with other agencies so that you do not have to;
  • We use the latest innovative software available in recruitment which is updated regularly;
  • Our interview techniques were developed by a leading specialist in private security;
  • Every applicants' documents are meticulously checked;
  • All housekeepers must have a minimum of 3 years experience working in private families;

To enter the race to becoming the top housekeeper agency 2023, we developed the best housekeeper search algorithm!

The main rule of hiring a private housekeeper, other than taking pride in their job, the best housekeeper must be able to work unsupervised. They have a strict schedule which is flexible to accommodate to the principals requirements. A good housekeeper will know the principals routine and know what the principals needs, before the principals realise that they want it.

A top housekeeper agency 2023 will offer housekeepers who are organised, prepared and have a unique knowledge of service. They will have experience, training and knowledge in cleaning products, wardrobe management and service. A true housekeeper must have special skills such as meeting and greeting guests, keeping the pantry stocked, shopping, paying bills, basic cooking skills and much more. The top housekeeping agency 2023 must be able to notice those skills and bring them to the surface of every applicant.

Where cleaning is concerned, each cleaning product is specially designed for working best on particular surfaces such as marble, wood, glass, upholstered furniture, painted walls, kitchen facades, antique furniture, art, carpets, etc. The list of cleaning products to be used must be agreed with the house manager or employer in advance, and all cleaning products must be effective and safe for wood, ceramic and other surfaces.

The best housekeeper agency 2023 guarantees to offer the best housekeeper recruitment services which will result in your home home being in to perfect order. The best housekeeper will remove dust from all surfaces with extra care, without spraying liquid directly on to them to avoid damage to appliances. Windows and mirrors will shine, allowing the sunshine in to your home. No surface will be left unattended.

The families who put their trust in the best housekeeper agency know that our housekeepers will get rid of the subtle dirt while ensuring that everything remains exactly how they want it. You will never find something out of place because of the housekeeper moving it.

If you are looking for the "top housekeeper agency near me", then you have definitely found the most trusted and the best housekeeper agency 2023. Working in the homes of the affluent: members of the royal family, sheikhs, politicians and businessmen, we have already established ourselves as the best housekeeper agency there, and are ready to offer the best housekeeper recruitment services to you, so that you can verify the professionalism of our housekeeper for yourself.

We can safely say that we are the "top housekeeper agency near me”, because, working all over the world for more than 15 years, our database of candidates has grown to over 13,000 professional domestic staff. They speak different languages, have a range of cultures and most importantly, enjoy being a professional in their field. Therefore, wherever you live, we are your "Top Housekeeper Agency Near Me", and ready to prove it.

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