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UK governess recruitment a fast and easy way to find professional UK childcare providers with our UK governess agency. We work with the best UK governess UK and internationally. You can rest assured that you will find a governess UK with our UK governess agency.

The perfect UK governess for your child

Initially, only the royal family, including the heir to the crown, had the right to hire a governess who would raise children up to the age of seven, after which tutors were employed for the upbringing of the little princes. Governess and tutors were courtiers from the highest aristocracy. It wasn't until the 19th century that the middle class were allowed hind a governess to raise their children. As a rule, these were ladies from "good families" who fell into a difficult financial situation, and their situation was considered unenviable.

Our international UK governess agency, Perfect Household Staff remains true to the centuries-old history and carries out UK governess recruitment to the highest standards. UK government recruitment is a complex and time-consuming process. Any parent wants only the best for their child, dreaming that they grow up as a full-fledged person, educated, intelligent, comprehensively developed.

At the same time, many parents who lead strenuous and busy life styles simply do not have enough time and energy to fully engage their child, as well as lacking teaching experience - this encourages parents to use our UK governess recruitment services. Our professional childcare recruitment consultants will free you from the endless UK governess search and help you to find a governess UK, the UK governess who suits your principals, your child's requirements and family morals.

Our UK governess agency will provide you with professional, sophisticated and well educated UK governesses who are multi lingual and multi cultural. Our UK governesses have served in affluent families, celebrity families, VIP and HNW families as well as of course, Royal families. Our UK governesses have helped families who have relocated to the UK to achieve success in their child's application in to school such as Eaton, Charterhouse, Rugby, Westminster, Shrewsbury, Queen Elizabeth School, Thomas's School etc..

UK Governess for young children 


  • Preparation for school;
  • Extracurricular activities;
  • Teaching reading and writing;
  • Teaching basic mathematics;
  • Participation in various clubs;
  • Educational games;
  • Manners and etiquette;
  • Leading by example;
  • Learning languages through play;

UK Governess for a child 6-12 years old


  • Child education;
  • Correction of their behaviour;
  • Comprehensive development of the child;
  • Additional lessons and homework;
  • Sports;
  • Leasing with schools and tutors;
  • Planning lessons;
  • Providing parents with a development and progress plan;
  • Teaching people skills, etiquette and manners.

UK Governess with knowledge of a foreign language

In today's world, language skills are essential for a young adults success in their career. The sooner a child begins to learn languages, the better they will master them by the time they begin an independent adult life. For families who relocate to the UK, it is important that their child continues to learn their native language. We offer UK governess recruitment where we find a governess UK who has been living in the UK for many years, who knows the UK school curriculum, who has experience in British etiquette but who can still speak your native language and understands you cultural principals.

Live in Governess UK


  • Organisation and observance of the daily routine approved by parents;
  • Knowledge of child development methods;
  • Organising and conducting educational games with the child;
  • Implementation of the educational, physical and aesthetic development of the child; homework supervision, homework assistance;
  • Travelling with the family when required.

Do you want to hire a governess with experience?

  • Our UK governess agency only works in UK governess recruitment with applicants who have 3 years of experience in private families
  • The UK governess who we recommend will have an educational background
  • Our UK governess would have previous experience working in schools
  • The UK governess who we recommend will have experience in working as a nanny

Do you want to find a governess UK who is attentive and responsible?

  • Our UK governess agency is ready to provide the best rated UK governess with positive recommendations in the form of both oral and written references.
  • Governess UK from the top UK Governess Agency - cultured, neat, with a higher pedagogical education and a professional who has proven themselves when working with children of any age.
  • Governess UK, selected by the top UK governess agency, has passed mandatory testing, document checks, has experience working in affluent families and has  positive recommendations.
  • Governess UK from the UK Governess Agency are well aware of child developmental psychology, they quickly find an approach to the child.
  • Our leading UK governess Agency conducts UK governess recruitment on a daily basis. We find professional UK governesses who are fluent in the most modern developmental techniques, they will prepare the child for school and help with homework.
  • Governess UK can accompany the child to school and after school activities, teach the norms of etiquette and a foreign language.
  • If your child has an ear for music and you want them to develop, hire a governess UK with music skills.
  • Governess UK will take your child on walks, museums, theatres,  keep a daily routine and organise cultural events.

Let us help you to find a governess UK for your child:

  • UK Governess search tailored to your wishes and your child's nature.
  • A work schedule convenient for you and you child
  • We take into account every applicants education, work experience, citizenship and references
  • UK governess recruitment for full or part-time employment:

The agency will select UK Governess with the functionality you need:

The main goal in the UK governess recruitment is to find a professional with true love of their job and children! A person who will dedicate their life to the upbringing of your child. In other words, we focus on your requirements and the inner qualities of a person.

It is important that you are happy with your choice of governess UK and proud of the success of your child with the help of our UK governess agency.

With our childcare recruitment team, your governess search UK can become entertaining, easy and enjoyable. You will can meet many super applicants who's company you will enjoy. Our managers will contact you within several hours of you putting forward your interesting to hire a governess UK. We will organise an initial online interview with all applicants you are interested in and a face to face interview at a location you choose. You are always welcome to join us at our Mayfair, London office for a free consultation.

Contact us by email or phone: +44 (0)204 577 0066 and we will Find a Governess UK for your child.

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