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Domestic Couple Jobs Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill Couples Jobs. From a direct employer.

Find Primrose Hill Couples Jobs with accommodation using our domestic staffing recruitment agency. Requirements: Experience in domestic  couple jobs from 3 years; work visa. Offering fixed salary in domestic couple jobs Primrose Hill with contract of employment.

Best Primrose Hill Couple Jobs for working couples:

Our international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" has been working on the selection of domestic staff including offering domestic couples jobs Primrose Hill for more than 15 years. During this time, we have helped over 16,000 families internationally throughout the recruitment process. Our domestic couples highly appreciate the services of our agency when applying for Primrose Hill couples jobs. If you are hardworking, conscientious and reliable, we are waiting for you to join our team! Some of the best working conditions guaranteed!

Our domestic couple agency Primrose Hill offer fantastic Primrose Hill domestic couples jobs for experienced and professional couples. Our Primrose Hill couples jobs can be both live in or live out and depend on the employers preference. Your new home may be located in Primrose Hill - an affluent and prosperous area located between the centre of London and bordering Regent's park. In this respectable are, Primrose Hill domestic couple jobs are in high demand among affluent employers. The employer guarantees good working and living conditions, as well as a high salary of domestic couple jobs Primrose Hill starting from 65,000 GBP per year.

After registering with our Primrose Hill domestic staff agency and when applying for our Primrose Hill couple jobs we want you to get the job of your dreams. We offer only the best Primrose Hill couple jobs with accommodation and a contract of employment. We require couples with communicable knowledge of English, 3 years of private family employment and great references.

Benefits of Primrose Hill Couple Jobs:

  1. If the employer decides t hire a couple for their Primrose Hill couple job, then you have a chance to live and work together.
  2. You will have the opportunity to visit the most interesting sights of London together on your days off. Including walks in Regents Park and shopping in the centre of London.
  3. Domestic couple jobs Primrose Hill is a collaborative effort that allows for a fair division of responsibilities, but at the same time mutual assistance in the performance of common domestic couple services;
  4. Conclusion of an official contract with a full social package on successful placement;
  5. Paid vacation;
  6. Our agency services are absolutely free for all candidates.

What we are looking for in you to fill our Domestic Couple Jobs Primrose Hill.

  • Energetic and motivated individuals who are strong team players;
  • No bad habits
  • Experience of 3 years or more in private families
  • Excellent time management.
  • It is desirable to have a driver's license for both

What is the work schedule for Hire a Couple Primrose Hill recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff"

  • 5/2 and 6/1 days a week full time;
  • Domestic couple jobs Primrose Hill jobs can offer accommodation;
  • Availability to dedicate yourself to the principals and their family.

What Domestic Couple services does an employer expect from Primrose Hill Couple Jobs?

First Traditional Representative of the Domestic Couple:

  • Responsibility for housekeeping;
  • Control of meter readings and operation of all electrical systems in the house;
  • Home repair, replacement of technical conditions in the boiler room and electrical system;
  • Plumbing repair and maintenance;
  • Garden work functions: mowing the lawn, trimming bushes and growing plants in gardens or a greenhouse, as well as many other works that can be prescribed at Hire a Couple Primrose Hill;
  • The function of a security in the absence of owners;
  • Utilities and repair services;
  • Transportation of family members by car, purchase of goods;
  • Taking care of guard dogs, walking them.

Second Traditional Representative of the Domestic Couple services:

  • Running of the household;
  • Regular cleaning of residential premises;
  • Ensure order and comfort in the premises of the subsidiary farm, swimming pool, and so on;
  • Laundry and ironing, change of bed linen;
  • Cooking;
  • Reception of guests, as well as everything that will be agreed with Domestic Couple Recruitment Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill Couple Jobs requires documented work skills and qualifications: proof of qualifications, references from previous jobs in private families and a work visa (if you are not a UK citizen).

Find a Primrose Hill Couple Jobs with the international recruitment agency Perfect Household Staff for the selection of Domestic Staff Easy! Fast! Safely!

For more information, you can send an application by e-mail or call +44(0)204 577 0066.

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