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Domestic Couple Jobs

Jobs for Couples Isle of Man and Isle of Man Couples Jobs with Accommodation. (IM1)

Looking for Isle of Man couples jobs with accommodation? We look after domestic staffing recruitment for over 5000 families. Most domestic couples jobs offer a salary of around 80,000 pounds per year. Quick and easy job search. Apply today! We have been offering Isle of Man couples jobs for over 15 years.

Isle of Man Couples Jobs

If you are looking for Couple Jobs on the Isle of Man, are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and just want to enjoy the beautiful country, then our  international recruitment agency is here to help you with a selection of Perfect Household Staff's  new Jobs for Couples Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man is located in the Irish sea and belongs to the British Crown. Isle of Man couples jobs require a UK visa with which you have been to the UK at least once. The most convenient way to get there is by plane from Belfast or Dublin. In the summer, in addition to air travel, there is a ferry service. All relocation expenses will be covered by the employers in an Isle of Man Couples Job.

What will the Isle of Man Couple Jobs give you?

  • Opportunity to work and have fun together
  • Outstanding financial opportunity
  • Accommodation Package
  • Travel expenses
  • A chance to see from the highest point of the island - Snaefell Mountains on a sunny day to see England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

With the Isle of Man Couples Jobs, you will be able to attend one of the most spectacular and dangerous motorcycle races in the world - the Tourist Trophy, which has been taking place since 1907.

Our private staffing recruitment agency will help you find Isle of Man Domestic Couple Jobs in the capital of the Isle of Man - the city of Douglas, which is famous for the world's only surviving horse-drawn tram and is part of the city's public transport system, and a 20-minute drive from Douglas in a small town Castletown with castle. We also offer Jobs for Couples Isle of Man in another city with Peel Castle abandoned for over 350 years. It was founded by the Norwegian Vikings in the 11th century.

Spectacular scenery and historical sites - you can have all this if you choose our jobs for couples on the Isle of Man. The sooner you register with our Isle of Man domestic couples agency, the sooner you will be able to apply for our fantastic Isle of Man domestic couples jobs.

If you are going to accept our Isle of Man Jobs Couples with the help of our domestic staff recruitment agency “Perfect Household Staff”, you need to understand that  finding Isle of Man Couple Jobs without experience or education (and sometimes both) is difficult, which is why we suggest you take additional job training course.

When offering you the Isle of Man Domestic couple jobs, the principals will always expect the highest level of service and attention to detail wants the services to be performed exactly the way he wants.

Our business relationship is the foundation for our long term partnership with employers offering domestic couples jobs on the Isle of Man. Once you accept an Isle of Man couples jobs, you will be required to agree to a non disclosure agreement as is normal practice in all our domestic staff jobs.

Honesty, Integrity and Passion for your profession are the three qualities required for Isle of Man Domestic Couple Jobs

The duties of Isle of Man couples jobs include a number of tasks to maintain the normal functioning of all property systems, organising a comfortable stay for all family members at the facilities. Often families do not spend the whole year in their property, but the home still requires supervision and care for when they return. By choosing Jobs for Couples Isle of Man from the principals directly, you will have permanent accommodation, keep order, ensure the security of the property, help in keeping the property safe and secure. In addition, it is important that the principals home is always ready for their return.

The duties of a the Isle of Man couple jobs include maintaining all the systems of a country estate in order: water supply, electricity, sewerage, security. They will carry out the necessary preventive and repair work to make the home pleasant to live in. If necessary, they will carry out cosmetic and minor repairs in the house, keep all the buildings on the territory of the house in order: a garage, a swimming pool, gazebos and much more. They will also take care of the space around the property such as gardening duties. In some households, the duties of a couple, will include chauffeuring and valeting duties and sometimes to driving heavy machinery.

The responsibility of the other traditional partner in Isle of Man couple jobs is the responsibility for maintaining cleanliness and order in the home and in the surrounding area. This will include:

  • Cleaning
  • Washing
  • Ironing
  • Shoe care

Depending on the land, domestic staff can take care of flower beds, greenhouses and garden plants. Also, the duties may include

  • Cooking
  • Caring for children by mutual agreement.

Our domestic couple recruitment team will definitely select Isle of Man Domestic couple jobs to suit your professionalism and take a detailed approach to your working schedule, an excellent salary and your happiness in order to guarantee long term employment.

To find the right Jobs for Couples Isle of Man, you can call +44(0)204 577 0066 or fill out the feedback form.

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