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Our domestic couple agency Manchester offers professional domestic couples recruitment Manchester. For 15 years we have been successfully helping discerning families in their search to find  domestic couples Manchester - reliable employees to whom you can trust your home. The couples who we put forward will have at least 3 years of experience, good references, good communication skills and excellent professional skills. In most cases, a significant amount more than the aspects mentioned! Trust our domestic couples recruitment Manchester to keep your home clean, comfortable and secure. 

Why is a domestic couple Manchester better than regular domestic workers?

Firstly: domestic couple Manchester is a professional team of two people with 100% in team work, assistance and support. They know how to work together and what makes the other one tick!

Secondly: the employment of a domestic couple Manchester almost completely eliminates conflicts among your domestic staff, since the domestic couple Manchester, as a rule, can perform all the functions: housekeeper, nanny, gardener, electrician, plumber, and so on but, the difference is that they do it together. You may not have to hire other staff at all.

Finding a domestic couple Manchester using our domestic couples agency Manchester is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  1. Strict checks of each employee. During the domestic couple recruitment Manchester, the personal details of all employees are carefully checked.
  2. A domestic couple agency Manchester will offer you a huge selection of specialists. For a more accurate search, before you hire a domestic couple Manchester, let our recruitment team know exactly what you are searching for, indicate the functions and duties that the domestic couple Manchester must perform. We offer a full range of domestic couple services - from construction workers to carers and nurses.
  3. Domestic Couple Agency Manchester will help you Find a Domestic Couple Manchester: to work in the garden or a domestic couple Manchester to care for an elderly person. That is, in addition to direct duties: cleanliness and safety in the house, additional services are added.
  4. Reliable reviews. In the "Reviews" section you can read the real comments and recommendations left by our families and domestic couples.

With our domestic couples agency Manchester you can find a domestic couple Manchester within 24 hours. You just need to complete an application on this page or call +44 (0) 204 577 0066 and we will save your time by finding the perfect domestic couple Manchester in the shortest possible time and based on the information you provide! Alternatively you can send an email with the job description attached to

Duties of a married couple in a Manchester country residence.

First Representative of the Domestic Couple:

  • House cleaning (dry and wet);
  • Washing (hand and machine) and ironing (iron, steam generator);
  • Grocery shopping and cooking;
  • Pet care;
  • Care of plants;
  • Provision of babysitting services (if necessary);
  • Execution of small assignments;
  • Financial reporting.

Second Representative of the Domestic Couple services:

  • Maintenance of the territory adjacent to the house (cleaning of snow, leaves);
  • Security of the house and the adjacent territory;
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the pool;
  • Provision of driving services;
  • Vehicle washing;
  • Home maintenance (plumbing, electrical);
  • Gardening (lawn mowing, tree planting);
  • Control of the heating system;
  • Minor repairs in the house;

Hire a domestic couple Manchester and rest assured that even while you are not in residence, the domestic couple Manchester will keep the property pristine and ready to welcome you and your guests.

If you need a domestic couple Manchester to work in a residential home, we offer the best conditions for domestic couple recruitment Manchester. Our domestic couple agency Manchester will provide the first candidates of your choice within 24 hours of your request. We will organise a video interview or a face to face meeting with candidates either in our office or in a place convenient for you. We provide a free replacement within 12 weeks if you are not satisfied with the services of the domestic couple Manchester.

For a free quote or to discuss in detail your requirements for a domestic couple recruitment Manchester, call +44(0)204 577 0066 Our domestic couple agency Manchester is not just about finding professional domestic helpers. We are looking for honest people with an impeccable reputation who will represent our agency! We strive to maintain long term professional relationships.

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