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Our UK-based domestic couple agency has a roster of over 350 skilled domestic couples registered. We will assist you in locating domestic couples in the UK and provide you with a 12-week guarantee of their honesty, expertise, and professionalism. We thoroughly vet each couple's CV, checking references, DBS, eligibility to work in the UK, and their work history.

Domestic Couple Agency UK for a country side residence - to maintain order and security

Our international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" specialise in the selection of domestic staff will save you time and resources in your search for a domestic couple UK for a countryside residence.

  • Fast - We offer fast and efficient UK domestic couple recruitment and you will receive CVs within 24 hours
  • High Quality - We guarantee the high quality in the domestic couple recruitment and offer a 12 week guarantee
  • Convenience - With our individual approach to each family, you only have to make one call: +44(0)204 5770066

Find a Domestic Couple UK

If you want hire a domestic couple UK – contact our UK domestic couple recruitment agency for assistance and we will help you to find a domestic couple UK with extensive experience in working for private families as well as with specialist skills that you are looking for. Our UK domestic couple recruitment team provide a fantastic service for many families based in the UK and internationally.

Your family and home deserves the best care possible. Our domestic couples UK will take control of the running of your property, your vehicles, your garden and of course, your family needs shall be their top priority.

When you hire a domestic couple UK, it is important to be sure of their professional qualifications and the fact that they have references proving their reliability. With the UK domestic couple recruitment from our UK domestic couple agency, you can rest assured that your home will be in safe hands and that your family life will remain inviolable and confidential. All of our candidates are meticulously checked and are happy to sign a non disclosure agreement.

Our domestic couples UK have extensive experience in home maintenance, housekeeping, chauffeuring, cooking and childcare. They are hardworking and get the job done right.

You will not have to waste your time in training and explaining domestic couple services UK to our candidates. Our domestic staff are excellent at planning housework and your assignments will be completed promptly and efficiently.

Why Choose Our UK Domestic Couple Agency:

  1. Expertise in Domestic Couple Recruitment: We have a proven track record of successfully matching families and individuals with highly qualified domestic couples who possess the skills and experience needed to manage all aspects of your household.

  2. Bespoke Services: Our commitment to personalised service sets us apart. We take the time to understand your specific requirements, ensuring that the domestic couple we place with you is the perfect fit for your household.

  3. Extensive Database: With a vast network of domestic couples and an extensive database of qualified candidates, we can quickly find the ideal domestic couple to meet your needs.

  4. Background Checks: Safety and trustworthiness are paramount when it comes to household staff. We conduct thorough background checks and reference verifications to ensure the highest level of security for your household.

  5. Efficiency and Timeliness: We understand the importance of a timely placement. Our agency is known for its efficiency in matching clients with domestic couples who are ready to begin their duties promptly.

  6. Ongoing Support: Our services don't end with the placement. We provide ongoing support and guidance to both clients and domestic couples to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

  7. Confidentiality: We understand the need for discretion in the recruitment process. Your privacy is of utmost importance, and we handle all matters with the highest level of confidentiality.

  8. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our agency's success is measured by your satisfaction. We are dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Domestic Couple services:

  • Complete housekeeping services
  • Comprehensive wet and dry house cleaning
  • Hand and machine washing
  • Ironing clothes and bed linens
  • Care of furniture and household appliances, carpet cleaning
  • Shoe care
  • Packing and unpacking suitcases
  • Full technical support of the house: control over the operation of water supply, electricity, ventilation, alarm systems etc...
  • Care of the pool, garage
  • Care of the adjacent territory.
  • Garden care: mowing lawns, shrubs, working with the greenhouse planting and watering plants
  • Maintenance in order of technical inventory
  • Washing, maintenance, minor car repairs
  • Interaction with emergency and operational services
  • Fulfilment of household assignments: purchasing products, paying bills, dry cleaning, etc.
  • Combination of duties is possible, for example: a woman can perform part-time duties of a nanny, a man - the duties of a driver
  • Cooking food
  • Organisation and holding of family celebrations, banquets
  • Pet care, dog walking
  • Protection of the territory and security services

For over 15 years, our domestic couple agency UK has specialised in professional UK domestic couple recruitment. Our domestic couple agency UK has collected applicants in our extensive international database, each of which is a professional in their field, you can safely entrust each of our applicants with the care of your home. Because our UK domestic couple recruitment team meticulously check recommendations (check written references and call previous employers) and check for “legal cleanliness” (no criminal record) before you receive their CV. Our UK domestic couple agency only registers job seekers with a proven track record and positive feedback from previous employers.

Benefits of hiring a domestic couple UK from our UK domestic couple agency.

  • Honesty, responsibility, non-conflict, integrity
  • References from previous employers;
  • Good physical form;
  • Availability of documents confirming physical health;
  • Ability to plan housework;
  • Ability to keep the house clean and tidy;
  • Possession of all types of household appliances and electrical appliances;
  • Knowledge of means for the care of clothing, furniture and interior items;
  • Ability to understand household appliances, electrical, plumbing;
  • Ability to maintain the pool and technical premises;
  • Knowledge of caring for the greenhouse, garden and the surrounding area;
  • Accuracy and diligence;
  • Culinary skills;
  • The ability to make a menu, organise and hold a family celebration and banquet;
  • Confident drivers

We will help you to find a domestic couple UK whilst taking into account all of your unique wishes and requirements.

If you're ready to find a domestic couple in the UK who can provide exceptional household management, child care, cooking, cleaning, and more, our agency is your trusted partner. Hire a domestic couple in the UK with confidence, knowing that we have the expertise, resources, and commitment to excellence to meet your needs. Contact us today to start the process of finding the perfect domestic couple for your home. Let us help you find a domestic couple UK with an impeccable reputation leave a request - we will contact you shortly.

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