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When the question arises, where can I find a nanny in Moscow from Britain, the first thing that comes to mind is that they must be like Mary Poppins, that is, “perfection itself”. Our international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" for the selection of Domestic Staff (London) is ready to fulfil your dream and help with your English Nanny Recruitment in Moscow according to all your desires.

If you want your baby to grow up to be a real gentleman or an elegant and sophisticated lady, then you must hire an English nanny in Moscow from a British nanny agency Moscow. In England, the profession of nanny has a centuries-old tradition, is in high demand and very well paid. English nannies are distinguished by high education, intelligence, experience and restraint. These are the reasons why many families around the world chose our Mayfair, London based nanny agency to hire their perfect nanny.

Our British nannies and British governess in Moscow are highly sort after professionals who love working with children. They are highly respected members of society who can choose their employer. If you want your child to succeed in the international community, it is therefore paramount that you are the right employer for our nanny.

The main advantages of an english nanny in Moscow?

  • Excellent education, including compulsory specialised education in the field of child development;
  • Availability of a certificate for the provision of first aid to paediatrics
  • CACHE diploma for working with infants from six months to two years;
  • English manners and etiquette;
  • Native Classical English lessons;
  • 100% DBS (CRB) criminal database check.

Hiring an English nanny in Moscow through our British Nanny Agency in Moscow you will have not only receive a qualified childcare provider in Moscow but you will also have our agencies guarantees.

English nanny services in Moscow are not cheap! This is due to the fact that Perfect Household Staff will find an English nanny in Moscow or a British nanny who is willing to relocate to Moscow. Our nannies are native English speakers and offer the culture of Great Britain when they come to join your family. Our Moscow nannies are not "just people" who will "play" with your child in your absence.

A real nanny from England studies for this profession for many years in order to give the child knowledge that will certainly come in handy in the future. English nanny services in Moscow start from £1000 - £5000 pounds per week, plus accommodation and visa costs, with a work schedule of 5/2, a working day of 10 hours per day. The cost of an English nanny in Moscow services depend directly on the work schedule and additional workload. Working conditions and duties for an English nanny in Moscow must be negotiated and written in a contract prior to the British nanny in Moscow starting work.

Childcare Moscow is very different to what an English nanny in Moscow can offer. If you are planning to relocate to the UK, the Americas, Europe or Asia, the British nanny in Moscow will give your child what no other nanny will be able to provide. The main responsibility of english nanny in Moscow is comprehensive development: Childcare Moscow, teaching good manners, maintaining discipline in accordance with the foundations of the family, sticking with the parents schedule and most importantly, fun.

To hire a English nanny in Moscow will mean that your child will grow up to be sociable and able to engaged with any nationality or culture. After all, the English language is used everywhere in the world.

Responsibilities of a nanny from England:

  • Provide care, attention, control over the educational development of the child, taking into account the teaching of English;
  • Carrying out educational activities aimed at raising a child during the day;
  • Involving the child in age-appropriate activities, creative games, and so on;
  • Providing a safe environment for children and preventing potential dangers inside and outside the home.;
  • Development of the child's social competence;
  • Control of its development in accordance with the age category of the child, Teaching etiquette and discipline, as well as the initial installation on moral principles and values;
  • Development of English writing, reading, speaking skills, communication with the child and parents at the request and agreement with the employer;
  • Games with a child, feeding a child;
  • Maintain cleanliness and order in the children's room, carry out a complete cleaning of the room twice a week.
  • Drawing up the schedule of the day, providing the employer, upon oral request, with an oral report on the schedule of classes, the activities of the child during the day;
  • Drawing up a child's menu in accordance with the principles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

If you decide to find an English nanny in Moscow, then we will conduct an in depth search of professional English nannies to work in Moscow according to all of your wishes and requirements. Moscow nanny from Britain is a completely different level of development for children! This is a chance to raise a bilingual child who can speak and think fluently in multiple languages.

The international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" has been providing nanny services and Moscow nanny recruitment for over 15 years. The professionalism of our English nanny near Moscow is highly appreciated by many discerning families in the Moscow region. If you live outside of Moscow, we will help you find a nanny from England to work in the Moscow's countryside residences, with or without accommodation, with any work schedule, if you wish - with knowledge of the Russian language!

The English nannies' mentality does not always allow foreign employment through private advertisements. Therefore, you can find an English nanny in Moscow or a British nanny in the Moscow region through our Perfect Household Staff recruitment agency for the selection of Domestic Staff (London). We are a highly professional nanny recruitment agency in Moscow. We have been working all over the world for more than 15 years, we have our own database of over 11,000 professional domestic staff in the UK and internationally. It will not be difficult for us to find a nanny from China, we will find a nanny from Spain, that is, from anywhere in the world!

Leave a request on the website or call +44(0)204 577 0066 and your child will have a great nanny from England.

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