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Private Chef Jobs

Urgent! Private Chef Jobs, New Private Chef Vacancies 2023...

Find private chef jobs in an HNW family with "Perfect Household Staff" , a private chef job in a VIP family is rewarding but very demanding. Private chef vacancies published regularly.

Our private chef jobs are looking for you!

If the question “where to find a private chef job” is relevant to you – our recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" will assist you in finding private chef vacancies. Our families turn to our recruitment agency to fill the private chef jobs with the diligence due. It is therefore our job to fill our private chef jobs as quickly as possible.

We actively work with professional private chefs - professional private chefs who are interested in finding or changing the private chef job turn to us for support in their recruitment process. We will help you to find a private chef job, absolutely free of charge. All that we ask of you is to help us by staying in touch and applying for our private chef vaccines as soon as they drop in to your inbox.

We will find a private chef job on your behalf if you fill out the application form in the "Candidate Registration" section, indicating your skills, knowledge, work experience, expected working conditions and salary. We will tailor our private chef jobs search to offer you private chef vacancies suitable to you.

As soon as we have a suitable private chef vacancy, our recruitment consultants will be in contact with you. If there are now current private chef vacancies of interest to you, we will keep do our best to present you with projects as they come in.

The main advantages of finding Private Chef Jobs through the Perfect Household Staff agency

Private Chef Job Specifics:

We will invite you for an interview only in case of a specific private chef vacancy being available which may be of interest to you. Your professional work experience and competence must meet the expectations of the employer. We will send you a detailed description of the private chef vacancy by e-mail for review where the employers expectations will be clear. During the interview, we will provide detailed information about the possible future employer, position profile, salary, expected experience and much more. We are here to save your time and resources.

Exclusive Private Chef Vacancies:

For 15 years we have been building our relationships on professionalism and honesty, and therefore our customers entrust us with the selection of personnel on an “exclusive” basis, when the search for personnel is carried out exclusively by our agency. We clarify in detail the requirements and expectations of the employer in order to draw up a detailed Private Chef Vacancy, in order to then offer it to you.

Not all private chef vacancies are published online and we may call you when a great opportunity comes up.

Free collaboration:

The recruitment process for private chef jobs is free of charge to all professionals. It is illegal in the UK to charge a job seeker for recruitment services.

Fast decision making:

The response time for reviewing your private chef job application is under 48 hours.

Support 24/7:

We value long-term cooperation and always provide feedback, regardless of the decision of the employer. In case of rejection or withdrawal of a private chef job, we will notify you as we understand how important it is to receive feedback that gives certainty.


To discuss a private chef vacancy with you, we are ready to "adjust" to your schedule and offer a convenient interview time for you.

Video interview:

If a private chef vacancy involves remote recruitment, we have a wide range of digital platforms where we can conduct the interview for a private chef job. Why travel a long way to our office to speak about a private chef vacancy, if there is an opportunity to have a quick “chat” with each other online?

Openness and honesty:

We personally meet with the employer, clarify in detail private chef job description, functionality, the employers' expectations, and other important aspects of the private chef jobs. Thus, at an interview with you for a private chef vacancy, we discuss the position profile in detail.

In our work, we apply such standards as testing, collecting recommendations from previous jobs, etc. Without fail, we will coordinate the entire recruitment process with you. Our recruitment consultants will not waste your time and let you know straight away regarding you private chef job application.

We value professionals:

We trust that you are a true professional and are ready to provide full support to us for a successful search for private chef jobs. We can help you every step of the way by matching private chef jobs together with you. Even successful after employment, your information will remain in our database of valuable employees in case you want to change jobs. And if you contact us again, you will not have to wait long - we will easily find a private chef job to suit you.

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