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Professional nanny agencies often provide quality assurance for their services, and the main requirement is to hire a professional childcare provider who is reliable and responsible. Such agencies provide a wide range of services to select and hire a qualified nanny and governess, including screening and background checks, interviewing, and consulting. The agencies are usually committed to finding a suitable nanny or governess who is compatible with the family's lifestyle and values, and who can handle the demands of the job. The services of a nanny and governess are needed not only to care for children, but also to provide basic housekeeping services such as cooking and cleaning. Many families also need a nanny or governess to take care of their pets and perform other duties. In addition to the above, a nanny and governess can also provide additional services, such as tutoring

Childcare Recruitment Agency for Selecting and Hiring Private Childcare Professionals "Perfect Household Staff"

Perfect Household Staff provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Search of nanny or governess;
  • Pre-screening of the candidates according to the set criteria;
  • Interviewing the nanny/governess;
  • Background and reference checks;
  • Contract negotiation;
  • Provide advice on employment and ideal working conditions to increase the chances of finding the perfect childcare provider

We offer an individual approach to every family and our consultations are absolutely free on any issues related to the selection of the professional childcare provider. Perfect Household Staff also offers a wide range of additional services, such as:

  • Organisation of training courses and seminars for nannies and governesses;
  • Organisation of trips abroad with a nanny/governess;
  • Organisation of transfers, visa and other documents necessary for the nanny/governess to

The agency also provides additional services such as selection of the best nanny for your family, assessment of the nanny's qualifications, monitoring of working hours and time off, as well as in-depth evaluation and selection of candidates. In addition to all of this, the agency offers a wide range of services such as home safety training, nutrition and healthy eating education, and first aid training. Perfect Household Staff is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your children and offers a 24/7 service for emergency situations.

All applicants must submit a valid photo ID, a valid driver’s license, and a background check. The background check must include a criminal history check, an employment history check, and any other information deemed necessary to ensure the applicant has the experience, qualifications, and expertise to provide safe and quality childcare.

"Eden Nannies" is a private childcare recruitment agency London

Eden Nannies is a London based agency which has been providing private childcare in England and the West for over 15 years.

The majority of applicants Eden Nannies provide are highly regarded and the agency do a decent job throughout the Eden Nannies recruitment process.

The nanny agency Eden Nannies recruitment team are dedicated to finding the best nanny and governess candidates. Eden Nannies will help you find a nanny with specialised skills. This can be a nanny for infants, tutor for older children, governess and governor or even family psychologist. The staff at Eden Nannies will help you cope with the task of raising and teaching children of all ages.

"Little Ones London" is a recruitment agency specialising in private childcare services

Little Ones London is an established nanny agency which has providing childcare for your little ones for over 15 years.

Little Ones London team of recruiters provides a quality service which mostly meet the needs and requirements of their clients. Little Ones London nanny agency offers a wide range of nanny matching services - housekeepers, domestic help and carers - all over London, England and the world. Little Ones  London will help you find professional and qualified childcare providers.

While Little Ones London provide a wide range of childcare related services, their work in the childcare recruitment fields is top notch.

"Tinies" is a provider of private childcare services in the UK

Tinies childcare agency offer a range of childcare services include checking references or a persons DBS for a price which can be found on their website.

Tinies also provides temporary or permanent nannies, mother's helps, night nannies, maternity nurses, special needs nannies and holiday nannies. Tinies also offers a range of childcare services, such as nanny management and nanny payroll services, as well as a range of training courses for nannies and childcare professionals. Tinies is a trusted and established agency which has been providing childcare solutions since 2006.

Clients note that Tinies employs a hard-working and enthusiastic team. With their own database of nanny and governess candidates, Tinies agency recruitment team search for childcare in an optimally short period of time.

"Royal Nannies" is a recruitment agency for private childcare professionals

Royal Nannies is a relatively new agency on the market and if you choose to hire a nanny with Royal Nannies, you will have to pay an invoice to a bank in Slovakia. Royal Nannies specialises in recruiting nannies, child minders and governesses for private homes and estates around the world.

Recruiting childcare staff Royal Nannies Agency claims that their candidates have experience in childcare for at least 5 years, pass the DBS check. Royal Nannies agency claim that they will help you to quickly find a nanny for an infant or an older child. This can be a one-time service or babysitting for 6-12 months. For long-term services Royal Nannies offers a template of a nanny contract of employment, which claims to guarantee the duties on the part of the person hired.

"Kensington Nannies" is a childcare recruitment agency that offers private childcare recruitment

Kensington Nannies claims to have an established and extensive network that provides access to the best Kensington nannies, child care nurses, governesses available internationally and locally. While Kensington Nannies has been on the recruitment market for 14 years, it has established a decent reputation with candidates and their clients.

The Kensington Nannies website gives the impression that they work internationally. Moreover, Kensington Nannies also works with experienced and qualified childcare specialists who can provide advice and support on every aspect of childcare. If you are searching for Kensington Nannies, you can approach their recruitment team who we are sure will want to help you.

Perfect Household Staff is always your best choice!

We hope that you have found the above information to be helpful and please allow us to reassure you that Perfect Household Staff will offer you a selection of fantastic nannies within 24 hours! Call us today on +44(0)204 577 00 66 for an obligation free consultation.

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