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Are you trying to find a Housekeeper in Knightsbridge?

We are continuously supplying highly trained and efficient housekeepers in Knightsbridge. We have become a household name in the domestic staffing industry through 15 years of serving affluent families with domestic housekeepers. We offer permanent housekeepers and temporary housekeepers as well as covering full time or part time placements.

To find a Knightsbridge housekeeper could not be any easier, with our professionals on standby and living within 45 minutes of travel, we can place a professional, highly experienced, motivated and trusted housekeepers within 1 hour of your call.

Our Knightsbridge housekeepers have extensive experiences serving executive families, royal households and celebrities. The professional household staff who we provide are resilient, hard working, reliable and most importantly have been thoroughly vetted by our consultants.

Whether your housekeeping requirements are in the Knightsbridge area, the rest of the UK or overseas, we can supply the perfect housekeeper, for a permanent or temporary housekeeping role.

Knightsbridge's Best Housekeeping Agencies

To become Knightsbridge's most chosen housekeeping agency has taken taken countless hours of hard work. Training our housekeeping professionals to meet our clients requirements on every vacancy we have. Our Knightsbridge housekeepers have a developed eye for detail, many years of experience in managing a luxury wardrobes, meeting and greeting guests and work tirelessly when un supervised. Both Perfect Household Staff and our housekeepers value your privacy.

Whether you require a housekeeper to care for luxury fabrics, cleaning antique furniture, polish silver or shoes we have the candidate for you.

When our clients provide us with feedback on working with our competitors, they are always impressed by the quality of our unrivalled service as well as the Knightsbridge housekeepers we supply.

Our Housekeeping Departenment's Vetting Procedures

We value our clients privacy and ensure their security by employing the strictest vetting procedures in relation to every candidate we interview. Your security and privacy are our first priority. Our sterling reputation for our vetting protocols in the domestic staffing industry are known by the staffing community and many other agencies strive to meet our vetting standards.

Our domestic staffing managers ensure that the housekeeping department recruiters carry out the correct interviewing procedures to ensure that all live out housekeepers who place, have the experience and expertise your family requires.

Knightsbridge Housekeeper Salary:

Hourly: From £13.00 / Hour Net to £35.00 / Hour Net (Hourly Cleaning Service)

Yearly Gross: From £30,000.00 / Hour Net to £63,000.00 / Year Gross

For professional Live in Housekeepers, the cost of the accommodation provided is covered by the employer and whilst being a part of the package, it will not effect the salary.

As a bonus, some clients offer ordering a taxi home if the employee has been working late.

For international positions, other than accommodation, the employer will normally also include return flights in the package.

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