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Premium Domestic Staffing Agencies in the UK

Domestic staffing agencies provide a comprehensive range of domestic staff recruitment services, from finding housekeepers and nannies to chefs and chauffeurs. The agencies have great experience in finding the most suitable domestic staff for families and their private households. Working with private staffing agencies is considered a reliable and safe method of finding perfect household staff.

International Recruitment Agency "Perfect Household Staff" are Specialists in Recruiting Domestic Staff

"Perfect Household Staff"" has been dedicated to domestic household staff recruitment for over 15 years. We have already deservedly gained the recognition and respect of thousands of families around the world but, you can test that for yourself. Our agency is proud of our private recruitment team who always work tirelessly to unsure:

  • Protect and respect for our clients interests
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Lead with a responsible approach to searching for private domestic staff.
  • Ensure the highest experience and qualification of domestic staff
  • Offer comprehensive support for domestic staff selection
  • Offer competent legal advice on employment issues
  • Provide a fast and efficient resolution of disputes
  • Maintaining the highest standards of customer service

By contacting the International Recruitment Agency "Perfect Household Staff" our families can rest assured that they will receive not only highly-qualified employees, but also a reliable partner who is ready to provide comprehensive support in personnel selection. Our families choose us because:

  • 15 Years of experience in development of a strategy for recruiting the most suitable candidates
  • Thorough evaluation of the duties and writing up of an accurate job description.
  • Monitoring the progress of the recruitment process and making necessary adjustments.
  • A pre-employment interview will be conducted by a professional recruitment consultant
  • They will have regular follow-ups to ensure their satisfaction in the employees work
  • 12 Weeks guarantee period

Hutchinsons is an international recruitment agency who offer domestic staff recruitment

London based agency Hutchinsons – has been recruiting domestic staff as Hutchinsons for just over 2 years. It is fairly new agency on the market however, they have some very good reviews.

  • A wide range of services is offered by Hutchinsons, including but not limited to: housekeeping, butler services, cooking, chauffeuring, security, and personal assistance.
  • Hutchinsons claim to offer 24/7 emergency assistance but the agency's working hours are from 08.00 - 18.00
  • Hutchinsons may offer assistance with relocation and visa applications
  • Hutchinsons may offer discounts on services for long-term clients
  • Advice on employment law and regulations from Hutchinsons
  • The Hutchinsons agency is Offering regular updates on changes in the industry
  • Hutchinsons offer comprehensive background checks on all staff
  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals work at Hutchinsons

International recruitment agency " HouseholdStaff.Agency" for the selection of Domestic Staff

HouseholdStaff.Agency works in the field of recruitment of domestic staff and is a domain which is part of Morgan & Mallet which was registered as a business in the UK in 2015. As an international recruitment agency, HouseholdStaff.Agency they claim to have offices all over the world however, we have not had the chance to visit the HouseholdStaff.Agency offices.

HouseholdStaff.Agency assure to provide their clients with the highest quality candidates for their households, including housekeepers, nannies, cooks, chauffeurs, gardeners, and other household staff. Their team of experienced professionals are dedicated to finding the perfect match for each of their clients, ensuring that they receive the best possible service.

As every professional and established agency, HouseholdStaff.Agency take their time to get to know their clients and their individual needs, so that they can find the right candidate for them. International HouseholdStaff.Agency have a wide network of contacts, allowing them to source the best candidates from around the world. Somy bullet points:

  • HouseholdStaff.Agency offers personalised service and attention.
  • Experience in placing high-class domestic staff in private homes throughout the UK, as well as the service area includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland
  • HouseholdStaff.Agency claim to be expert in the selection of private staff
  • HouseholdStaff.Agency managers should be able to offer 24/7 services

International recruitment agency " Knightsbridge Household Staff" for the selection of Domestic Staff

Knightsbridge Household Staff was incorporated in 1999 which is very impressive for a domestic staffing agency. Knightsbridge Household Staff, located on Sloane Street, is part of a well-known group that has been providing highly qualified home private staff for UHNW individuals, VIPs, celebrities, professionals and their families in London, the UK and abroad for more than 20 years.

  • Knightsbridge Household Staff uses a flexible and modern approach to the selection of domestic staff
  • Knightsbridge Household Staff candidates range from private cooks, butlers and housekeepers to chauffeurs, nannies, personal security personnel and private PA
  • Applying to Knightsbridge Household Staff, you are provided with a highly qualified consultant in the selection and adaptation of domestic staff.

Irving Scott selection of Family Office & Domestic Staff

More than 15 years of experience in selecting property managers for private households. Successful experience in selecting professional domestic staff for positions in hotels and restaurants and private work with wealthy families.

  • Irving Scott recruiters make the most of their opportunities to make placements
  • Irving Scott recruitment specialists have experience in the field of finance management
  • Irving Scott recruiters use an individual approach when searching for domestic staff
  • Irving Scott recruiters are proactive and resourceful.

Bespoke Britannia Recruitment & Security Services

Bespoke Britannia has a fairly low 5 years of experience in private domestic recruitment, offering to find the perfect solution for the selection of private staff and security services. They were incorporated in 2018 with their registered address being in Devon.

  • The size of Bespoke Britannia recruitment team is unknown however, they claim that their team has worked for intelligence services and the British Royal Family for over 25 years.
  • Bespoke Britannia claim that their customers can count on careful planning, attention to detail, the appointment of the most appropriate teams and excellent professional service.
  • Bespoke Britannia offers full support at all stages of consultations prior to the provision of home person services.

Should you choose Perfect Household Staff?

All of the above agencies have something to offer however, the choice for us is obvious. You are welcome to leave your requst by completing an online form on our website or call ☎ +44(0)204 577 0066.

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