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House Manager Agency UK for selection of Domestic Staff.

With us, you will find a house manager UK with private property and estate experience with outstanding references and longevity in their career! Our house manager agency UK has a sterling international reputation earned over 15 years in domestic recruitment.

Our house manager UK are people who you can trust and rely on.

UK house manager recruitment, let us find you the perfect house manager UK. Hire a house manager UK with Perfect Household Staff and free yourself from the administrative side of running your property or estate so that you can spend more time with your family.

At our international recruitment agency "Perfect Household Staff" which specialises in the selection and recruitment of Domestic Staff including house manager UK as well as estate managers. Whether you are considering to hire your first house manager or to replace a house manager who has recently left, our agency is the first port of call for many affluent families. We are trusted by over 1000 families worldwide to take care of their domestic recruitment and property management.

Our house manager services UK is designed for affluent homeowners who frequently travel and do not wish to employ a house manager full time to look after them and their UK properties. Other than house management services, we also offer temporary butler placements.

A UK house manager is the main person who is responsible for the organisation of your household and who is the curator of all chores, they manage all domestic staff, take care of the property's' inventory and manage the properties budget. It could be considered that a butler's main responsibility is the comfort of the principal but a UK house manager would be responsible for the smooth running of the property, paperwork and staff management.

In our house manager agency UK our house manager recruitment team pay close attention to the every house managers experience in the hospitality industry as well as in private households. A question that we ask our house managers is "What experience do you have in running a hotel, restaurant, country club and a family home?". When recruiting house managers UK, we always meticulously tailor the search to the principals' requirements and focus our search on asking the right questions.

Our house manager agency UK, due to its invaluable fifteen years of experience in the domestic sector, will provide UK house manager recruitment services for every unique request. We have over 200 highly qualified candidates in our database of potentially your next house manager UK. Our house manager services UK are highly valued worldwide. A house manager UK's dedication to their work is evidenced by the many positive reviews and highly commended references already given to us for our house manager services UK.

Candidates for the position of House Manager UK must meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in a similar position;
  • Experience in preparing financial statements;
  • Skills in financial reporting (accounting);
  • Professional skills and knowledge of electrical appliances;
  • Knowledge of the basics of engineering systems, technical communications in the house;
  • Experience in organising repair and construction works;
  • Employee management skills.

You can trust your UK house manager recruitment to us and use your time for something more valuable, relevant and important to you!

Our House Manager Agency UK works to ensure that:

  • We save your time and the time of your employees;
  • House Manager UK 12 - week replacement guarantee

We create mobility for you - interviews with a candidate are held in a place convenient for you; perhaps an online interview first, an interview at our office in Mayfair, London or at your home. Which ever is the most convenient for you.

We provide you with a peace of mind: you do not need to think about how and where to find a house manager UK;

We offer you to hire a house manager UK, which has been previously interviewed and thoroughly checked by our house manager agency UK - our recruitment team check the house manager's recommendations from previous employers as well as all relevant documents before they are submitted for your consideration.

We recommend only trained and experienced house manager UK: It is important for us that the House Manager UK has all the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee a high quality work. After all, the reputation of our agency depends on the quality of our UK house manager services!

A seamless experience is the concept of our house manager services UK, that is, the organisation of the whole process: search for candidates, UK house manager recruitment according to your requirements, organisation of interviews, evaluation and test days and a replacement guarantee. All this saves the employer's energy and creates conditions for an educated, quick but sometimes difficult choice. Once you choose to hire a house manager UK, our service does not stop there. Our recruitment team will keep the vacancy open for a further 12 weeks in order to have other potential candidates available to you at a moments notice.

What do house manager services UK provide?

  • Work with contractors (repair, construction, finishing and engineering works);
  • HR management;
  • Control of cleaning of the house and grounds;
  • Employer's personal instructions.

A house manager is an essential member of the team who will ensure a smooth running of the property and effective work of the domestic staff. They are natural team leaders. The house manager UK is the trustee of the employer. A house manager is not always responsible for a large number of domestic staff. Often they are can lead a team of one or two staff. In this case the house manager UK will be hands on and solves routine technical and domestic issues, but also coordinates the work of non-permanent staff (for example, cleaners, housekeepers, repairmen, etc.).

Our house manager agency UK seeks to solves unique problems with simple solutions. Contact us for high-quality selection of domestic staff. We work under a contract in which we prescribe responsibility and guarantees.

For Butler or House Manager UK contact Perfect Household Staff by clicking here to email or by phone: +44(0)204 577 0066

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