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Where to Find a Nanny in London?

If you are searching to find a nanny in London, Perfect Household Staff will assist you with the search. With over 15 years experience in helping find nannies in London and internationally.

Our childcare departenment started placing nannies in London in 2001 when Perfect Household Staff was Perfect Nanny. Our London nanny agency has always been the choice of professional London nannies and distinguished families around the globe.

With our head office being in 15 Stratton Street, Mayfair, London all employers are always welcome to conduct interviews in our meeting rooms. If you are trying to find a nanny in London, you will have a lot of choices in London nanny agency and candidates. With many nanny agencies to choose from our agency exceeds in the service and vetting aspects of the London nanny search.

With our incredible marketing reach and over 20 years in serving the worlds' distinguished families, we have one of the most diverse nanny databases available. We have hundreds of professional multilingual London nannies who can teach your child a new language.

A professional London nanny will also take care of the children's laundry and prepare healthy meals. Our nannies in London are looking for live in, live out, permanent, temporary and part time jobs.

All of our London nannies are highly qualified having formal education and additional training such as paediatric first aid. Some of the London nannies are confident drivers and will use their own vehicle for school runs and transportation to after school activities.

When searching to find a nanny in London, if you are looking for a professional nanny agency and you are willing to offer a salary above the average rate. There is no better agency than Perfect Household Staff.




Hire a Nanny in London with Perfect Household Staff

Nannies in London have been turning to our London nanny agency for 20 years. Due to this, our international nanny database is one of the best in the world.

Having one of the largest databases in the world of professional domestic staff gives our London nanny agency the upper hand when reaching potential nannies. As you vacancy will be submitted to potential candidates using our efficient CRM system, we will have potential candidates to offer you within a few hours.

To hire a nanny in London with Perfect Household Staff has always been an efficient and stress free process for our clients. Due to our recruiters having a huge amount of applicants, our clients rest assured that they will only see the CVs of London nannies who match their professional expectations and personality.

Perfect Household Staff also employ several multi lingual consultants who will be able to speak with you in your native language. Please give our friendly childcare departenment a call today on: +44(0)2033184468 in order to discuss your requirements and have a selection of nannies to choose from within several hours.

We are efficient, proactive and are always there to assist our clients. Whether it is a free consultation prior to a nanny search, during the recruitment period, following the placement and and of course throughout the employment.

How Much are London Nannies Paid?

A professional nanny is an employee and employers are required to pay a regular salary and pay tax, national insurance and pension contribution as per the government legislation. When you hire a nanny in London, please consider the London living costs as they will impact your nannies salary. Parents usually want their nanny to be financially secure in order to work well with their children.

Based on an hourly salary, professional nannies will earn somewhere around £13.00 / hour Net to £17.00 / hour Net (after deduction of taxes). If you know the amount of hours that the London nanny will be working for your family, you will be able to use our free salary calculator. For more information and the break down of the nanny salary, please click here.

What Can I Offer as a Bonus to my London Nanny?

If you are looking to hire a nanny in London for a live in position, the accommodation will not always be considered a bonus. If the accommodation is separate to the employer, with a separate entrance, this will always appeal to candidates.

A vehicle to be used for work and personal purposes is also something that nannies always appreciate.

A mobile phone is excellent for staying in contact with your employee however, please try to leave the nannies personal time to themselves.

A gym membership will help your nanny to stay healthy and up beat, providing your nanny with a gym membership will show them that you care about them and appreciate their efforts.

When a London nanny stays until late evening, they will always appreciate a taxi home paid for by the principal.

If your nanny likes to cycle in to work, a good bicycle and safety equipment will go a long way.

What are a London Nanny's Typical Duties?

A London nanny's duties are associated with the care of your child; Morning Routine, School Run, Nutrition, Educational Activities, Cleaning up After the Child, Night Time Routine, Additional Benefits. In addition, a London nanny can work as a nanny housekeeper when your child is at school or nursery.

Nanny's Morning Routine:

During the mornings, a nanny will come to work just before the child wakes up. Normally they will start by waking up the child and helping them to get washed, brush their teeth and get dressed. Usually the child's school / day bag would have been prepared the night before. Whilst the child is getting dressed, the nanny will prepare a healthy, nutritious breakfast to give them a good boost of energy for the day.

School Run:

Live-In Nanny Child Education

In London, the children's schools are normally a walking distance away from the family home and the nanny will be more than happy to take the children to school on foot.

When families decide to hire a nanny in London, they will often look for candidates who have a clean driving licence and who are confident drivers. When the nanny is a confident driver, and the school is a little further away from home, a professional London nanny will be happy to use their own vehicle for school runs however, we advise that they are reimbursed for the fuel and vehicle use. Alternatively, some families will offer the London nanny a work vehicle which they can use for work.

It is also not uncommon for the nanny to have use of the family chauffeur or taxi service when travelling with the child.

The nanny will always be responsible for the safety of the children, their happiness and security. When hiring a chauffeur, they will not need to have an enhanced DBS or PCO licences as it they will not be working directly with the child and the nanny will be the responsible adult.

Child Nutrition:

Live-In Nanny feeding Child

If there isn't a family chef, or the parents do not leave meals for the nanny to heat up, the London Nannies will often be in charge of preparing breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner for the children. It is important that the nanny is a confident cook and that they can follow instructions when preparing a meal. For the child's safety and well being it is paramount that the nanny is made aware of any allergies that a child has.

Professional london nannies will always have good knowledge of where to buy healthy groceries and will be able to order groceries online. When trying to find a nanny in London on your behalf, these questions will always be asked by our recruiters during the initial interview stage. 

The nanny candidates who we recommend, will have good knowledge of healthy meals and snacks appropriate for the child's age group.


 Educational Activities:

Live-in Nanny Daycare

When families choose to hire a nanny in London, they often want to know which special clubs and after school activities the nanny has experience in taking the children to. If your child attends ballet, horse riding, swimming or any other sporting activities, it is important that the nanny understands what equipment and clothes the child will need with them.

For younger children, a nanny will play developing games and arrange activities which will be fun and exciting for the children whilst maintaining focus on development and education. Stimulating and creative activities will always improve your child's development and wellbeing.

If there is an educational program such as theatre, drawing, mathematics or any other classes, our nannies will be able to recommend near by extra curricular activities and of course take your children there whilst being responsible for their safety. A nanny will be able to help with some homework however, the educational development of children in the true sense, is the main responsibility of a governess. We also offer to find a professional governess who will mainly focus on the child's educational development and they will have a formal educational background. 

Cleaning up After Children:

A professional nanny will always concentrate their efforts on the safety and well being of your children. Due to this, they will not want to do any deep housekeeping as they prefer to be creative and offer their energy to the children.

A nanny is not a housekeeper and they will normally only be responsible for tidying up after the children or supervising the process. We also have nanny housekeepers available who are happy to take on some of the housekeeper duties however, due to the nature of the job, a professional nanny will usually be a better choice for your child.

An important point to consider is that there are a number of working hours in a day and the more time a nanny spends doing housekeeping, the less time she will be able to offer to your children. Of course, if the nannies duties are high and the job is very demanding, the nanny will simply be over worked and over stressed which will lead to the nanny not being with your family for long. There must be a good balance.

Night Time Routine:

The night time routine consists of the London nannies helping the children prepare to go to sleep. They will pack school bags, ensure that all homework has been completed, help with washing, brushing teeth and reading a bed time storey.

Before the nanny will go home, they can speak with the parents about what has happened during the day, the child's achievements and request any items that may be needed. 

If you are considering hiring a live in London nanny, it is important to note that unless you have agreed previously that the nanny will also work during the night if the child wakes up, looking after the child during the night should not be their responsibility.

Additional Benefits:

As additional benefits to employing a London nanny and something which should be agreed prior to the nanny starting their employment they can assist with:

  • Food Shopping
  • Dog Walking
  • Personal Assistant Duties
  • Running Errands
  • International Travel When Required

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