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Hire Domestic Staff in Victoria

Recruiting domestic staff in Victoria for over 15 years. If you are looking to hire domestic staff in Victoria, our professional and experienced recruitment consultants will take care of your domestic staff search.

We only recruit the most professional domestic staff in Victoria. Our candidates are experienced, qualified professionals who adhere to the highest standards within the private domestic staffing industry. Other domestic recruitment agencies strive to meet our efficient placement and structured vetting standards.

When our recruiters select potential candidates, we always consider the amount of time that it would take them to commute in to work as well as the routes that they can take. For the longevity of employment, domestic staff should not spend more than 45 minutes for their commute each way.

With Victoria being the commuting hub of London our clients can rest assured that our recruiters have a wide selection of professional candidates to choose from. Whether you are looking to fill a permanent or temporary position, whether it is full time or part time, our recruiters will match you with the perfect candidate.

Want to Find Domestic Staff in Victoria?

With our head office located in Mayfair, candidates regularly travel in for interviews. We will check their time keeping skills and punctuality from the get go. The employers are always welcome to visit our offices to meet the team or to conduct interviews. We are in the ideal location to help you find domestic staff in Victoria.

Our experience in domestic recruitment has helped us place domestic staff in Victoria such as:

As the leading Domestic Staffing agency in Victoria, we cover permanent, temporary, part time, live in, live out and full time placements. Our domestic staff have the highest training in the industry and we ensure that only the top tier candidates are available to our clients.

The Domestic Staff Vetting Procedures for Victoria

Above all else, our clients value their security and privacy which is why we have developed the strictest vetting procedures which ensure both. Thorough documentation checks are always carried out during the interviews and our candidates are prepared to sign an NDA which we have available. The privacy and security of our clients will always be our top priority. 

Whether you have heard about our agency from a member of staff or we have been recommended to you by a friend or colleague, we are certain that they would have told you about our vetting process. The thoroughness of our interviews is often talked about by domestic staff and their employers.

We are proud to practice the strictest vetting procedures in the domestic staffing industry.

How Much are Domestic Staff in Victoria Paid?

Due to the living standards in the area, we can only provide domestic staff in Victoria who are experienced, reliable and professional. The average salary of our candidates will be above the market rate. Qualified and experienced domestic staff in Victoria are normally paid above the market rate in order to ensure longevity of employment and unparalleled service standards.

Perfect Household Staff always advise our clients to pay a fair salary to their professional domestic staff reflecting their experience and expertise. Whether you choose to train your new staff yourself or employ a professional, the risk an employer takes by offering a smaller salary is that they may find a better paid job and subsequently leave your employment following training.

The amount that an employer would pay a domestic recruitment agency in Victoria would also have to be paid twice if the new employee leaves following the guarantee period.

In order to assess how much you are likely to be paying inclusive of tax, national insurance, pension contribution and net to gross salary, please use our salary calculator.

Are your Domestic Staff in Kensington looking for a Job?

In order to find a job with Perfect Household Staff, the professional seeking new employment must have the following:

  • A minimum of 5 years experience working for private households or UHNW individuals
  • All of the correct and up to date legal documentations required to work in the country where the job is located
  • A minimum of 2 verbally checkable references from their previous employers
  • Longevity in their career

Further, the new applicant will be expected to go through a series of interviews with our recruitment consultants where their knowledge, experience and documentation will be tested.

Find our available jobs here.

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