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Hire Domestic Staff in Knightsbridge

Professional recruiting of domestic staff in Knightsbridge. If you are looking to hire domestic staff in Knightsbridge, call +44(0)2033184468. Serving families for 15+ years.

All domestic staff in Knightsbridge must have the highest quality of training and experience. Perfect Household Staff ensure that all our candidates are qualified professionals who maintain the highest standards and ethics reflecting those of our agency. 

Other than thorough document checking and personality matching, our recruiters ensure that all domestic staff in Knightsbridge live within a maximum of 45 minutes commute. Whether you are looking to fill a permanent or temporary position, whether it is full time or part time, our recruiters will match you with the perfect candidate.

How to Find Domestic Staff in Knightsbridge

All employers are always welcome to visit us at our office to speak about their requirements or to hold interviews. Knightsbridge is a 5 minute walk away from our office. We are in the ideal location to help you find domestic staff in Knightsbridge.

We prefer to meet all candidates face to face in order to gage their personality and demeanour. We will check the candidates' time keeping skills and punctuality from the get go.

Our experience in domestic recruitment has helped us place domestic staff in Knightsbridge such as:

As the leading Domestic Staffing agency in Knightsbridge, we cover permanent, temporary, part time, live in, live out and full time placements. Our domestic staff have the highest training in the industry and we ensure that only the top tier candidates are available to our clients.

Knightsbridge Domestic Staff Vetting Procedures

Working with affluent families for over 15 years, we understand that privacy and security are the most important aspects when deciding which agency to work with and which applicant to hire. With the most thorough, professional and security orientated vetting procedures our domestic recruitment agency has become a household name in Knightsbridge.

All applicants who match the employers requirements in professional experience and personality will be interviewed and vetted prior to being submitted for consideration. During the initial interview stages, the candidates are tested on specific vacancy orientated aspects especially designed to distinguish the top candidates. We can have several hundred candidates applying for a domestic staff in Knightsbridge job and our recruiters will ensure to submit only the top candidates.

Every candidate who makes it to the interview stage, will have their original documents checked by our vetting staff and cross referenced with the government database. We ensure that a potential candidate will be prepared to have a police check carried out prior to being submitted to an employer.

Following a placement, we provide our clients with an NDA on request whilst ensuring that the candidates are happy to sign. The privacy and security of our clients will always remain our top priority. We practice the strictest vetting procedures in the domestic staffing industry.

How Much are Domestic Staff in Knightsbridge Paid?

As Knightsbridge is one of the most affluent areas of London, we can only provide domestic staff who are experienced, reliable and know the ins and outs of their job. Such candidates require a salary above the average rate.

In order to ensure the longevity of employment, exceptional standards and loyalty we advise employers to offer a salary above the candidates expectation. In the long run, this will save the employer time and money whilst they can rest assured that the person who is working for them is being treated fairly.

Alternatively, clients can train their new domestic staff themselves and ultimately save on the starting salary. In the majority of cases, when this method of employing domestic staff in Knightsbridge is used, following training and a reasonable amount of time in employment, the candidate will leave for a better paid job. The employer will need to find a replacement and use a recruitment agency. 

The fees that an employer would pay the domestic recruitment agency in Knightsbridge would normally be larger than the amount that they saved on the employees salary. The time that they had spent training the candidate is also something worth thinking about.

In order to assess how much you are likely to be paying inclusive of tax, national insurance, pension contribution and net to gross salary, please use our salary calculator.

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