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Perfect Household Staff are an international recruitment agency who specialise in household management and domestic recruitment. The agency has been trading for over 15 years and is a trusted and respected source of private household staff. The domestic recruitment team search for candidates with a high level of experience, professionalism, attitude and personality to match your requirements and fill your vacancy.

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Would you like to find a job in the domestic staffing industry? Our agency support candidates in securing the best jobs available on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for short term, long term or temporary employment in the domestic sector, our recruiters will go above and beyond to help you. To save time, please read the agency's requirements before registering.

Welcome to "Post a Job" Help!

This service has been created for our client needing domestic staff help but are working on a budget and of course for the benefit of our professional domestic staff who are searching for their dream job.
"Post a Job - Domestic Staff" is a service only to be used by private employers who intend to hire domestic staff using this service. Our "Post a Job" team shall evaluate every job post and reserve the right to choose whether to publish your job on our jobs board.
Following the submission of your "Post a Job" form, you will receive an email confirming our decision as well as our amendments to the job and invoice. The agency must receive the funds in full prior to the publishing of the job on our jobs board. The post a job domestic staff form can be found by clicking the link below:

The Client - Information About You

The Employer's Private Credentials are mandatory and entirely confidential. The applicants will not receive the Employers Credentials unless you choose to personally provide it to them following reviewing their CVs.

First Name:

The Job - Describe the Job

The below information may be displayed to all applicants. Please ensure that you do not provide any information below, which you do not want others to see. 

The Profession

Please choose which profession you are hiring for. For Example:

A Short Paragraph about the Employer: 

Here you can write something nice and friendly about yourself and the family. Try to be as positive as you can in order to generate interest and attract applicants to your vacancy. For Example:

"We are a super friendly family of three and we are looking for our perfect housekeeper. We are a well organised and tidy in general however, due to our busy life style we are in need of some help from a part time housekeeper. With a very positive outlook on life, we are full of energy but our rather messy teenager (14 years old) sometimes can leave a mess."

A Paragraph about the Employee's character:

Who do you want to be working in your home? What are they like? Here you should try to describe the person who you are looking for. For example:

"Due to our energy and busy lifestyle, we are looking for a person who is also very positive, responsible and well organised. Ideally someone who has a good eye for detail and experience in domestic housekeeping. We are searching for a professional domestic housekeeper who can be flexible on working hours as sometimes, we may request a little additional help."

Job Type: 

Please choose the correct job type. For Example:

"Part Time"

Working Days:

Please write the days on which you want the person to work. For Example:

"Monday / Wednesday / Friday"

Working Hours:

Please write the exact number of working hours per day or per week you will require the person to work. For Example:

"(3 Hours / Day) OR (25 Hours / Week) OR (12 Hours to 30 Hours / Week)"


Please choose the appropriate salary range based on the current market rate.


Please display the information in the following way - Example:

"City / Borough" or "County / Village or Town"

"London / Wandsworth" or "Surrey / Redhill"


Please include a language preference if you have one. For Example:

"Good Command of Spanish and Communicable English"


If you have children, write down how many.

Children’s Age:

If you have children, please include the children's age. For Example:

"Boy 14"

Starting Date:

On which date do you want the professional to start working?

Paragraph about your home:

Please describe your property. For Example:

"We live in a 3 bedroom flat with 1 reception, spacious kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The flat is roughly 1,200sq. ft and we have a concierge service who will hold a spare pair of keys for you. The flat has been recently renovated and there are marble countertops in the kitchen and main bathroom. There are also wooden floors throughout which will require some specialist cleaning."

List of Duties:

Please list the duties which you will expect the Employee to carry out throughout their employment. For Example:

  • Dusting, Mopping, Hoovering;
  • Laundry, Ironing, Wardrobe Management;
  • Basic Cooking;
  • Marble Cleaning;
  • Wooden Floor Care;

Minimal Requirements:

Please list your minimal requirements from applicants. For Example:

  • UK Working Permit
  • 2 Written References
  • Communicable English