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Opening a clean BBQ & Oven is a great feeling but can be a daunting task. Cleaning a BBQ at the end of the season or after a winter in storage, it can become especially strenuous and laborious.

Professional BBQs can be expensive so it is best to leave it to the PHS professionals. Think of it as an MOT for your luxury car.

The PHS BBQ cleaning service is able to tackle all models to ensure you have a clean barbecue that is ready, hygienic and safe for the next time you wish to use it. Gas & charcoal grills, hooded grills, smokers, spit roasters – you name it, we manage it

Once the job is complete you can fully enjoy your outdoor cooking endeavours without any worries. Just focus on having a great lunch or dinner, and enjoy your company.

Here's how it's typically done:

The professional carefully inspects the BBQ whilst removing the removable parts before any cleaning begins. The grill is sprayed with a special detergent and hand-scraped.

After all chunky and burnt leftovers are removed, the technician will clean the surfaces with another sanitizing detergent in order to give your BBQ a good look and remove any unwanted chemicals.

The removable parts are also treated using special solutions & oils. Every inch of your BBQ will be thoroughly serviced including, grills, hotplates, stainless steel warming racks, roasting hoods, enamel surfaces and trollies.

The exterior of the BBQ is also cleaned. The BBQ is left grease free, sanitizer free and ready to cook on again for the season.

Our Specialist will go through a checklist for Gas Ovens.

  • Burners taken out and cleaned
  • Firebox steam cleaned
  • Grills cleaned
  • Full check over
  • Gas leak test; replace gas flexi tubing if required (*part not included)
  • Replace grills or burners if required (*part not included)
  • Light spray over with vegetable oil
  • Pick Up and Delivery Service

Sparkling Approach to Domestic Oven Cleaning

Our professional will arrive on site and are fully prepared to bring the sparkle back to your oven. The professional will inspect your oven or appliance and make an assessment to its working functions. Once they are sure that the appliance is in working condition and is safe to use.

The professional will dismantle the removable parts of the appliance and leave them to soak in a powerful cleaning.

The rest of the appliance will be scrubbed from top to bottom making sure that all of the fat, burned food or grease is removed.

As soon as all of the appliance is sparkling clean, the professional will put it back together and switch it on.

The procedure is over and you can now start using your freshly maintained appliance.

Our Grease Free & Cost Effective Service

We have all types of solutions to issues often found in residential homes, from one bedroom flats through to large period houses on multiple floors, so whatever your issue we have the solution. Our team will make sure that your BBQ is ready for the season and will not embarrass you in front of your friends.

Our friendly and highly experienced professionals have cleaned thousands of BBQs over the years. They will arrive at a date and time convenient for you. We can take care of your BBQ on site or take it away to be returned. The cleaning process should take no longer than a couple of hours.

Whether your BBQ consists of stainless steel, enamel, cast iron or aluminium we have a range of products for every surface accompanied by the knowledge to use them.

We prefer for a personal approach being delivered to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our professional and reliable approach which is why the majority of our business comes through referrals.

All this being said, we shall look forward to receiving your enquiries via email or by calling +44 204 577 0066.

PHS and Our Professionals Are Fully Insured!

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