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Perfect Household Staff are an international recruitment agency who specialise in household management and domestic recruitment. The agency has been trading for over 15 years and is a trusted and respected source of private household staff. The domestic recruitment team search for candidates with a high level of experience, professionalism, attitude and personality to match your requirements and fill your vacancy.

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Our home chef team specialise in sourcing the best private and personal chef jobs. If you are a self employed chef, who is looking for personal chef opportunities or private chef jobs, our chef recruitment departenment have plenty to offer.

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What can I expect from a Personal Chef?

When requesting the services of a personal chef, you can expect a professional who has a minimum of 3 years experience working in restaurants. They are likely to be considering a career in private families and are therefore looking for private experience.

There are no requirements for a personal chef to have any formal culinary educational background however we ensure that our personal chefs have a passion for working with food and a background which supports that. You will have a selection of the most experienced and professional personal chefs to choose from when requesting our "fine dining at home" service.

As with all of our private chefs, you will be able to work with your chosen chef on a menu of your choice. Once the menu planning is completed, they will purchase all items necessary before the artistic work begins. Whilst hiring a personal chef is the more affordable option, they are very much culinary experts who will impress your guests.

A personal chef will be comfortable with cleaning up after cooking however, the service aspect of the experience may require extra help. We also offer service staff should you decide to choose this option.

What is the cost of hiring a personal Chef?

Hiring an experienced personal chef for your special occasion starts at £150.00 / day with an additional agency fee of £100.00 + VAT.

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Home Chef Delivery Service

Whether you are looking for a Michelin trained chef, a Rosette experienced chef, a Private chef, a personal chef or simply a Family Cook, our recruiters will offer you choices. Any cuisine of your choice can be prepared by any one of our qualified and professional chefs.

For an obligation-free quote or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact Perfect Household Staff by clicking here to email or calling: +44(0)203 318 4468

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