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A nanny housekeeper is capable of fulfilling both childcare responsibilities and undertaking various household tasks within your home.

A Nanny Housekeeper will Take Care of your Children and your Household

As a busy parent and a probably a successful business person, you may be having a difficult time juggling the upkeep of the home as well as the day-to-day joys of parenting. You may have already considered hiring a nanny, but you may feel that you want to be more involved in looking after the children and need somebody to be with the children when you are out on business or keeping up with social appointments, and to ensure the home is well looked after. So really, you are looking for somebody that carries out many of the duties of a nanny and a lot of those of a housekeeper. Well that person exists; it's a Nanny Housekeeper! 

An Efficient Dual Purpose Role

Naturally, one person can't be in two places at once, similarly, someone can't be a fully fledged nanny or a full time housekeeper, so there is a little compromise here. A nanny housekeeper can be a superb extension to your family, giving you the flexibility you need with your day-to-day commitments, still allow you to spend time participating in some of the duties of raising a young family and not have to worry about rushing to the shops to ensure there is food in the fridge.

Diversity and Flexibility

Every family is different - the children have different needs and so do the parents; one may run a successful business from home, such as an internet business or the other partner may be a high flyer having a successful business career. Either way, many successful parents today are very busy with business and social commitments that could benefit immensely from a flexible helping hand.

Only the Best

As with everything we do, we select only the highest quality candidates to become Nanny Housekeepers. Our selection processes are rigorous as are our household staff background checks. We want to ensure that the person entrusted with your children and home are beyond reproach when it comes down to dependability and trust; their only concern is the welfare of your family and your home.

The duties a nanny housekeeper can carry out and details of the role are listed below.

  • A nanny housekeeper’s extra jobs are entirely up to you and if you tell us what you are looking for, we will find you a nanny housekeeper with the skills and experience that you need.
  • Traditionally, a nanny housekeeper will care for your children either as the primary or assistant nanny, laundering the children’s clothes and preparing their meals.
  • A nanny housekeeper can also babysit for you, which allows you to have reliable and trustworthy childcare whenever you need it.
  • Your housekeeper nanny can also help with a range of duties, such as doing the washing and ironing, polishing, vacuuming and preparing meals.
  • If you require a nanny who can also perform driving duties and take your children to and from school, then just let us know so we can find you a staff member with a full and clean UK driving license.
  • Your happiness and satisfaction are very important to us here at Perfect Household Staff, so we offer a unique bespoke service that finds you the perfect member of staff for your family.
  • We can find you a nanny who speaks a different language or has a certain skill.
  • A nanny housekeeper can be full or part time and they can either live in your home with you or live out. If you choose a live-out member of staff, we will still provide one that lives within an hour of your property for your convenience.
  • Perfect Household Staff can even find you nanny housekeepers who will work for you abroad, whether you wish them to be with you overseas permanently or just travel with you from time to time.

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If you are looking to create some extra time in your busy day-to-day calendar and need somebody to take an active day-to-day role in looking after your children as well as taking care of much of the household upkeep, talk to one of our advisers today. They will explain how a Nanny Housekeeper can be of service to your busy household.

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