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Where can I find live out private chef jobs?

To find private live out chef jobs, you only have to look on google. You will see private chef vacancies advertised by private recruitment agencies as well as on corporate job boards.

Perfect Household Staff is a reputable recruitment agency who work with private clients, family offices, residence management agencies, concierge agencies in London and the home counties. We have private live out chef jobs available . Our marketing department have done all of the hard work in order to provide you with the best chef jobs available.

Always keep up to date on various job boards such as: Indeed or LinkedIn and Gumtree as well as using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to secure live out private chef jobs?

A successful live out chef's professional experience must speak for itself. Ensuring that your experience and passion is highlighted by your CV and references is paramount to securing a private chef job.

Our registration page displays the minimal requirements for registration. All of the required documents must be uploaded prior to your interview with a recruitment consultant which can be done following your initial registration via our candidate portal or via email.

Whether you choose to submit a generic CV or a CV with a portfolio tailored to the job description can be the difference between you securing the position or having to wait for another opportunity. Your portfolio is easily attached in the application form which should contain some photographs and menu plans from your previous jobs.

If you are concerned about our recruiters checking your references, we will not check references without the applicants consent.

What happens during the interview stage?

An interview should take around 30 minutes and can be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Whether you choose to have the interview online or at one of our London offices, it will be your choice.

Other than to check your documents, the recruiter will ask you about your experience and passion for working with food. We are interested in your personality, what makes you tick and what makes you the best family chef. Your specialist skills and educational background is important to your future employers, this is the reason why we need to see your dedication represented in your CV.

Whether you have experience working internationally, on a private yacht, plain or served in a distinguished family, we need to hear about it.

Talking about a negative experiences during the interview.

A negative experience is challenging which is why we need to hear about them. How and if you have dealt with these situations will tell us whether you are the right fit for a particular job.

There is always a way to turn a negative in to a positive and we want to learn about how you manage a busy and demanding job.

Any questions which you have about a live out chef job should be asked during the interview and before your CV is submitted to the client. 

Last minute changes will put the employer and the agency in a difficult situation. Changing your mind at the last minute will never be looked at in a positive way and therefore it is paramount that all chefs find out the information that they need before the agency submits their CV.

There could be issues with work permits in a certain country or available accommodation near by. It is important to find out about the salary and the way that you will be paid for your time.

Why chose a private live out chef job?

Although live out chef jobs can be very demanding and you may be required to work flexible hours, they offer outstanding experience and a good salary.

Being a live out chef and working in a private family means that you will be in charge of a fantastic kitchen which will be equipped with everything that you need to create the best possible dishes.

As a private live out chef, you may also be require you to travel internationally with the principal. Usually this will include additional pay and bonuses for additional hours of work.

Other than an annual salary, most private families provide generous bonuses for their domestic staff.

Benefits of private live out chef jobs:

As in any job, there are benefits and disadvantages in a private live out chef job. Below you can see some of the advantages to working in a private chef, live out role:

  • Structured Working Day
  • Contract of Employment
  • Annual Holiday Allowance
  • Job Security
  • Excellent Salary

The types of chef jobs we offer:

If you are personally interested in our vacancies or know someone who may be, please apply or share our live out chef jobs.

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